Preparing For Earth Day: SAVE THE BLACKBERRY!

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Blackberry Pain

The Purchase

So you purchased your BlackBerry smart phone, and you have taken it home, but what have you purchased to protect your investment? The BlackBerry deserves to be protected in every way possible, so I am going to go through the various ways of protection and what is in your best interest. You wouldn’t want anything to happen to your investment or best friend, which is what our BlackBerry smart phones feel like to us. The most important asset to your phone will be insurance before you even leave the store. It’s like Murphy’s Law, what can go wrong will. And while the BlackBerry phones are built tough, they are not unbreakable or dog proof. So insurance is something you should never leave without. Now for the sake of argument, I have a Curve 8330, but the site does allow you to change the BlackBerry to the current model you have.


The first item I’ll start with is the microsd card. These are great for many reasons, such as extra memory for the phone so you don’t take space on the phone for pictures, movies, music and ringtones. So this is one I would highly recommend you begin with. You can find them in all sizes from 1GB to 16GB. You can find them here

View To Appeal

The next item you will need is a screen protector, such as Mobi Products Screen Protector (3 pk for $14.95 found here). They’re nice in that you can avoid scratches on your screen and keep it clean and dust free. You can also find privacy screens, such as Case-Mate Large Privacy Screen Pro ($14.95 found here) which are really nice to keep prying eyes off the information you are viewing.

I’ll Never Let You Go

For keeping the phone safe, another great asset is the case. Yes, there are all sorts of cases designed for BlackBerry smart phones these days, but my recommendation is either a soft case like the BlackBerry holster cases ($19.95 found here), one that keeps it clean and free from dust like the Smart Skin from Case-Mate ($19.95 found here), or the exceptional OtterBox cases ($49.95 found here ). Now the BlackBerry holster case is leather, soft interior which keeps the lens and screen protected and it also has a magnet that helps save battery life. I like the Smart Skin because it has a unique feel to it, it’s easy to grip, covers everything except the lens and screen (it does have a screen protector included) and the trackball of course, and with keys being covered it keeps your phone nice and clean. The OtterBox is great for those who are hard on their phone. It protects the screen and lens of the camera, has a hard plastic casing that raises above the lens and screen, and also has a rubber outter covering that fits over the plastic casing which keeps it safe from falls, and has a holster it locks into. I love this because you now have a phone that is liquid resistant, dust proofed, and protected from falls.

BlackBerry Come Back

There are a few programs as well to protect your BlackBerry and should be kept in mind. Anti theft programs such as BAK2u PhoneBak BB ($29.90 found here ). What this program can do is allow you to take your stolen phone and track it, or even wipe the phone from where you are.

The List Goes On

While there are several other ways to protect your phone, these are the accessories and software I would recommend to start. There are several options for the car (various items here), such as holders, sticky pads, and BlueTooth devices, and a car charger is nice to have so you don’t have a dead phone on a trip ($9.95 and up, Smartphone Experts here) but these are the ones you want to make sure you have from the start. If you have any favorite accessories or some stories to share, please share with us.

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