Preparing for Earth Day: SAVE THE BATTERY

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BlackBerry Battery

It’s the middle of the day, and suddenly the yellow light starts to blink and then the all too familiar sound of the beep notifying you that your BlackBerry is about to go to sleep because of a dying battery, and your realize you need to charge it fast! Earth Day is officially April 22nd, and in light of this day, I thought contributing with tips on how to save the battery of our most precious companion would be just what we need. I know many of us use our BlackBerry phones to full capacity, resulting in a few charges throughout the day. So I’m going to focus on how to prolong the life of the battery during the day, and some accessories that are a lifesaver when juice is low.


 The first thing to know is that turning your phone off once every twenty four hours is very important for your phone. Using Auto off/on is a great way to do that. If you set your BlackBerry alarm for a certain time when you go to sleep, have the phone turn off at bedtime, then the phone will turn on to wake you up. You can set it up in Options, Auto On/Off. I recommend turning the phone off at least once a day, or using a software application called Quick Pull to reset the phone.


Connections are another area where we can save battery life. Turning off connections that are not being used are very beneficial to your battery. If you’re in an area where you have no reception and are unable to make or receive calls, turning off the radio will stop the battery drain of the phone searching for reception not available. And if you’re not using Wi-Fi and BlueTooth, turn those off as well. These two can drain your battery very quickly. You can find these in Manage Connections, and just uncheck what you don’t want running.


Backlight is another factor to our battery. There are two settings you can reduce. The first being the brightness of the backlight and the second being how long it stays on. The brighter the screen and the longer it stays on, the more energy this will take from your battery. To change these, go to Options, Screen/Keyboard and set the Backlight Brightness to the lowest setting you can tolerate and for Backlight Timeout, set it for the lowest time you can accept. Also while you’re in there, make sure you use the setting Holter Smartphone to turn off the LCD, set your Audible Roll to mute, and turn the keytone off.  Placing your phone when not in use in a holster, especially the magnetic ones for BlackBerry will keep the backlight off.


Applications can run in the background as well, using power resources. So the best thing to do for this is to use the options button and end out of each application such as Viigo, Facebook, Twitter, etc. You can also close with the ESC key. Log out of programs you’re not using as well such as your messengers.  That way applications aren’t constantly running and updating, this will also conserve on the memory.


Sounds also can be a battery hog. Changing it in Profiles, Advanced, and then to the profile you have it set on, you can change each sound to whatever tone you would like. Setting the audible notification to off and turning off the coverage LED will help too. I recommend using tone instead of vibrate as vibrate depletes battery life. Setting each sound to tone, and the holster the same, and vibrate to one, and using silent instead of vibrate will help your BlackBerry phone’s battery last longer. Another great way concerning sounds to save battery is to set your media by reducing volume and using your headphones. Using the BlackBerry Desktop Manager to load your videos, pictures, music and all to your phone to will avoid resizing and optimize videos and music. Turn off the equalizer settings in Media, Options.


Camera settings can be changed as well. Turning off the flash, setting the size of the picture to small, the Picture Quality to normal, and the Color Effect to Normal will help battery. You can change these features of course, if you are wanting better pics, but change them back afterwards to keep you battery going strong.


I already mentioned the cases and holsters($19.95) for your BlackBerry. Also a spare battery($19.95) is always a great idea, or even better is an extended life battery($49.95). The home charger should always be the preferred method of charging. There are “power pod” chargers available that will give a quick charge, and there are charging cradles that are fantastic to have on hand. You can find many of our accessories available for your BlackBerry smart phone here in our BlackBerry Sync Store: [via: here]

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