Poll: How many Storm Users Have Been Experiencing Problems?

April 19, 2009 | By | 24 Comments

blackberry_stormMany BlackBerry Storm users on various forums/websites have complained about their BlackBerry Storm devices either freezing/crashing too often, or problems with the screen.  We know that with OS upgrades, a lot of the bugs and freezing issues have been resolved, as well as a couple tips like loosening the screws under the battery cover and even inserting a business card under the battery have helped with the screen.

But despite all of this, there are still reports of the device not being quite up to snuff.   We’re all looking forward to the new Storm that’s supposed to be released later this year with a better touch screen and WiFi (yay!) among other things, so hopefully that beauty comes sooner than later.

So we’d like to know if you’ve been having recurring problems, multiple device swaps or anything else not mentioned that’s really bugging you to no end about the device.   So if you have had any issues that make you pull your hair out, please post a comment and let us know.  Perhaps we can also use this as an opportunity to help each other out.

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  • Pat P

    I bought 2 new Storms on April 17th.
    They came with OS .75.
    I instantly upgraded the OS to .122.
    They work perfect so far!

  • THeFiSH

    I have owned the Storm 9530(verizon)since the morning they came out…It came shipped with .65…updated to the .75…was still a bit slow…response with the screen to firmware was terrible but it was livable….i have recently updated to the leaked .113…it is now one flawless BlackBerry Touchscreen…no more battery pulls or the frustration of waiting for an update. I am very tech saavy and do believe alot of the problems that exist are the fact that some users do not understand the technology of the systems…having problems with your products should be used as a learning area in its own…for some….this is my first BB and i am officially hooked!!!…Thumbs up to the STORM!!!!

  • DavidB

    Verizon…RELEASE a damn update already! Ther have been at LEAST a half dozen leaked versions that are vast improvements over the crap OS you are delivering. All I can say right now…

  • Shareef

    I LOVE my storm soooo much but if i watch that clock spin around my damn screen one more time im gunna go crazy! HUGE memory leaks…my memory isnt even in the MB rage were down to KB BABY!! lool other than that a great phone i am sooo hooked on this storm..all i do with my life is check to see if theres a leaked build every 5 min lol gotta love it!

  • http://www.facebook.com/home.php#/profile.php?id=1070696962&ref=profile Kevin Stephenson

    “We know that with OS upgrades, a lot of the bugs and freezing issues have been resolved”

    OS Upgrades? Must not be a Verizon customer! Stuck with .75 and although fairly stable, I still have to drop the battery about once a week and often the screen will not rotate. And nearly all the low-end apps with sound don’t work and say that it’s a bug with .75!

    I can’t run the beta because of policy and have to wait for Verizon to allow an update. You would think they would want an updated Blackberry since they are spending millions per day on commercials for it!

  • JohnD

    Since upgrading to .122 I haven’t had any problems. I do still use QuickPull to automatically reboot every night but I don’t mind because it’s mostly seamless.

  • Jean rivera

    I bought 2 of them on February 20 and one of them is working great. The other don’t have any software problem but it has a clicking ploblem. Already try the business card and didn’t help much. Thinking about getting a replacement.

  • half

    My storm freeze bottom right touch screen has a prob. Help I’m thinking about getting the curve

  • DavidB

    Sounds like a hardware defect. I would take it back to Verizon and ask for replacement.

  • http://www.peoplesnewsnetwork.net Chris

    my storm reboots aout 3 times a day or locks up, love when it recives a message and of I have to wait for the message cause it thought it should reboot

  • Bob

    With the .122 update its starting to feel good and should have been the release OS. Main bugbear is screen rotation – still find it irritatingly in the wrong orientation frequently. Nightmare when answering calls. Should have user preferences for this as it may work for others. Plenty of gripes still about useibility ie typing and word suggestions, with simple solutions if BB would just come out of their b***t for 5min to listen.

  • CPatterson

    I bought a Storm for my wife (.075) then a week and a half later got one myself. I had a lot of problems with my contacts disappearing randomly, and it was very frustrating, I emailed Verizon and they did email me back, but with no helpful info. They said that they are working on it. We both experienced random un-commanded reboots. The OS would just turn itself off at random times during the day, this happened to me about 2-5 times a day and to my wife even more. She got the worst of it (5-9 times a day, during calls a lot). There were other small problems too, phone would freeze sometimes. I upgraded to .113 for a couple days, no complaints… then went to .122 when it was officially released by Bell. My wife is still at .075 and is also going to .122 today. I agree with a lot of the complaints, but .122 is definitely the best so far, I have no complaints yet with it. I just want the phone to work the way its supposed to with the released OS, all the little gripes and complaints about increasing functionality is 2nd on my list. Just make what you do release work correctly, Verizon is messing up by not releasing .113 or .122. They are really dropping the ball. RIM seems to be working on it and releasing OSs’ at a good pace, good on them, Verizon you suck and need to get back in the game before you pass the point of no return and lose even more customers.

  • Will

    My phone alwas screws up when i play video and when it does work if a get a call and answer it when i hang up the phone locks up anyone else have that problem also there are a couple other little bugs so im just waiting for verizon to stop taking so long just like the phone peace

  • Tipo

    My Verizon storm .75 is great and I love what it does. But it takes seven to ten minutes to reboot and it does this at least 4 times a day. always when I need it the most. Boomm white screen and the little circle. Frustrating, I have slammed against the floor ten times and the storm still there. at least is crash resistant. Software upgrade Please, can’t take it no more Pleasssse.

  • DavidB

    Seriously, the .132 firmware leaked yesterday is great. Vastly different phone than a .75 Storm.

  • CPatterson

    I agree .132 is good so far…

  • Ms, San

    People tell me that when I am on the phone with them, they hear a loud piercing noise and it comes and goes. One person told me it seemed as if my face was laying on a key and it was barely close to my face. Other problems I have had is with the video. Sometimes it records and sometimes it doesn’t. It also will say that the file is unable to load after I have just recorded. I have had problems with the camera as well. Sometimes it will not even take the picture or there is a black screen after taking the picture. I also have problems with it freezing up. I downloaded all of the latest software and it seems it just got worse. I love the phone but, there are way too many bugs. Can anyone offer any suggestions?

  • Robert Goencz

    JOKE is all I can say. Can’t download my pictures, touch pad locks up, I miss phone calls because the touch screen doesn’t respond, in the middle of typing an email the text will all be high lighted and then a locks up, just typing a SMS MSG the letters I type are not what come up and the cursor jumps all over the screen, OMG I could go on here.
    One would say take it back, download the new software, reboot the phone etc etc, What do you say once you try all of that and the problems are still there. I am not sure if I have the LEMON of all LEMONS but surly Telus can do something or Blackberry can…
    This is beyond a joke. I just want my old phone back.

  • JoDe Watson

    Ok, I love this phone for all the awesome things it does, however I hate the phone because my first one would do a reset about 15 times a day while typing. My second one was great for the first week then did the same thing. My third one worked good but very hard to push screen down to select something especially by the end/power button and wouldn’t charge. My fourth(current) one is fine! Except for the screen thing! Verizon asked me if I was on it all the time and pushing the screen down to hard, uhm well considering my phone is my lifeline, and its my fourth one I think I know how hard is too hard for pressing the screen, what does how often I’m on it have to do with anything? Ugh! Its a love hate relationship with my phone! Can’t wait till a new one comes out that is hopefully a better made phone!

  • Jennifer

    I just got the blackberry storm in December and i hate it. All i ever see is this white screen with this clock and now it doesn’t even work and its stranded me with out a phone and a 300 phone that doesn’t work.

  • pat

    hi can anyone please help me. I have a problem using the touch screen of my blackberry. When i select the SMS it goes to clock and so on something like that. and when i text, if i select a certain letter another letter would be selected. it has always been like this especially when the phone is moist but it goes back to normal but now it has been acting like this for 2 days already.

  • Philip Murdoch

    I purchased a Storm 12 months ago. After the first 6 months the storm would crash/freeze every day and the screen would highlight one button when another was beeing pushed. I changed the phone for a new one and the problems stopped untill the ohone was 6 months old again. I am very disapointed.

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