New User? Existing User? Here’s A Couple Tips!

April 18, 2009 | By | 3 Comments

So i was sitting here thinking to myself.. “Hmm, what can i write next?” and then i thought.. well, why not make a few tips for all youblackberry_messenger people that are tuning in to BlackBerry Sync.

So heres a couple of tips..

Lets say for example your typing a little email, or text, or blackberry message, or whatever, and your trying to tell the person on the other end the time.. Easy… Just type “LT” upper case or lower case (without the “quotes”) and it’ll give you something like this.. “8:14:27 PM” Yes! That’s Right! THE TIME! Imagine that! if you thought you couldn’t get lazier then guess what… YOU JUST DID.

Another simple one… your typing to whoever again… for all i care it could be your grandmother that likes to text message (and there is nothing wrong with that! mine text me all the time! haha) and your looking to type the date out.. well once again you just do a simple “LD” upper or lower case, and again without the “quotes” and you get a little something like this “Apr 18, 2009″ Wow! The Date!! (yes, once again we’re all going to be more lazy again)

Here is a couple more Auto Text that RIM set up for us for us to be really lazy ( Thank you RIM <3 )

HR = Hour

MNS = Minutes

MO = Month

MYNUMBER = (will type out your number)

MYPIN = (will type out your bb pin)

MYVER = (will type your bb model & software that your running)

YR = Year

Want to make your own? SIMPLE¬† on your Blackberry Go to:¬† Options, Auto Text and then make your own! For Example i made “u = you” and “ur = your” so have fun and if you haven’t already.. TRY IT OUT!!

So that’s it folks! Just a couple of quick tips for your everyday use! Enjoy!

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  • mark

    wow! i consider my self fairly knowledable on the BB. those tips were great. I learned something today..

  • BBSync

    Awesome! That’s what we’re here for!!

  • Eric

    Great tips. My BB has me spoiled. Its crazy when I type a full-fledged computer keyboard.