New Twitter Application – UberTwitter Out in Beta

April 16, 2009 | By | 9 Comments

Übertwitter is available for BlackBerry smart phones. It is available for download in it’s beta form from ÜberTwitter is a company committed to bringing extremely functional twitter clients to mobile devices. Übertwitter is reaching out to the BlackBerry community to test out this new application. It seems very promising with the features that the application is designed with. I downloaded the beta to my Curve 8330, it installed and the icon is a Ü with the twitter bird sitting in it. One thing I did notice after downloading the application was the following post in Twitter, after downloading : @tweet_genius did I win? Lol . Following the link you are taken to that individual’s location on a map with the prior message who downloaded the application. Apparently a question directed at the other application in beta, Tweet_Genius.

Most appealing of the application is that it integrates Twitter with GMail and the Google Talk program. Some of the notable features and capabilities of this program are the following: has the integrated ability to upload pictures to a site for the users of the application; gives you the ability to update your Google Talk with your last Twitter tweet ; automatically updates your location using your cell phone’s cell towers, and not the GPS hardware; you can send videos integrated with your tweet; and see all your Tweeps, and Tweeps tweeting near you.

So far I have liked what I’ve seen. I know the program is still in beta, and the only two other Twitter applications I have tried are Twitterberry and SocialScope. Twitterberry is Twitter, and SocialScope integrates Twitter with Facebook. I was very impressed so far with the easy to use Übertwitter, and the available options and features it has to offer.

So far in pros for the application, I love the location setting, the media integration ability, and the fact that it is more selective to Google Talk. I think it’s nice to find your local Tweeps as well. I haven’t really found any cons yet, but as the beta continues, I will be sure to post any changes and enhancements the program undergoes on it’s way to it’s full release.

So far for rating, I’m giving it five stars for the look and easy user friendly feature of the application, and five stars for the extra features and functions. Rating: [5/5]

The application is supported on all BlackBerry devices running the os 4.2 and more, yes, this includes the Storm.


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  • brendan dash

    I’ve tried to use this program but keep getting a network exception error anyone know what I’m doing wrong

  • Susan C

    I installed it with no problems, however in the morning I received an error message. I am assuming that it’s due to the beta. I did a battery pull and was able to access once more, but still get the error message here and there.

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  • Willem

    Same for me: network exception error and thats it. If this is a Beta one should expect that this kind of error would be resolved?

    Anyone any ideas?

  • Weston

    It works great! I just can’t figure out how to view my friends list. Any suggestions?

  • Mike

    Network exception here too…

  • Steve

    I get the exception error as well. If I try to tweet anyway, it says I could not be authenticated or verified.

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