Must Have App for BlackBerry Storm: StormLock

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Being a BlackBerry Storm owner, one of the biggest challenges is the touchscreen. Unfortunately its very easy to press speaker, mute or even flash during a call due to the touchscreen being heat sensitive. Previously I’ve tested applications that lock the keyboard while your on a call, however make it difficult if you need to unlock during a call. An application called StormLock seems to be your best bet. StormLock allows you to unlock your locked Storm with a simple press of the back key. Not only that but StormLock will also allow you to customize the time before the lock activates or even choose numbers that it won’t lock on such as voicemail or apartment door buzzer. StormLock features a very clean, simple and easy to use design which makes it almost fool proof. Another handy feature about this application is the fact that you can now set StormLock to one of your side convenince keys, making it even easier to use on the go. It’s available for the low price of only $2.95 and is worth every penny in my opinon.

Get details about StormLock including a free trial at the BlackBerry Sync Store >

StormLock is a new and sleek application to prevent your face from accidentally pressing keys on your BlackBerry Storm. StormLock is tiny in size and is extremely resource efficient. While on a call, a natural and unobtrusive dialog will display while the touchscreen is disabled, giving you full visibility of the native screen. StormLock will automatically disable once all calls are completed or by simply pressing the escape key at any time during a call. You can also reactivate StormLock while still on a call from the native phone menu.

  • Prevents accidental touching buttons
  • Automatically activates and deactivates
  • Clean and natural interface
  • Easy, single button to temporarily disable
  • NEW! Assign StormLock to a convenience key
  • Free 2 day trial
  • Ability to set a delay in seconds for StormLock to activate once on a call
  • Ability to customize the lock message
  • Ability to blacklist StormLock from activate on calls to/from certain numbers
  • Ability to use StormLock at ANY time through a system men

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  • fitzgeraldslasvegas

    free 2 days!!

  • G%$)

    Talklock is much better you don’t have to lock it your self locks in 3 seconds. and has a slider to unlock

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