Happy Birthday – BlackBerrySync.com turns 2! Contest Now Closed…

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I can’t believe that it’s our second birthday already! Instead of us getting all the presents we’re giving you the readers the presents! This year we’ve got three OtterBox cases for BlackBerry, plus chances to win copies of Electric Pocket’s Flipside, PhoneFace and Ringo. How to enter? Simply post a comment below saying why you love your BlackBerry and what model you have. Only one entry per reader is allowed. We will contacct the winners by April 14th. Good luck to all!

But wait! We aren’t done just yet! You can also take 20% off any regular price BlackBerry Software found at The BlackBerry Sync Store by using coupon code “birthday2″ OR get 20% off any premium BlackBerry Themes from our friends at Elecite.com by using coupon code “bbsync2b” at the checkout.

We also might recommend keeping an eye on our Twitter @blackberrysync for other special deals coming up this week…

Product Descriptions:

What is Flipside? A visually stunning music player for your BlackBerry smartphone. Flipside shows full cover album art for your music files, and lets you swoosh through your music collection with a flick of the trackball.

What is PhoneFace? Why go digging through hundreds of contacts just to call your partner or gym buddy? PhoneFace shows full-color photos of your favorite contacts – so you can call them quickly and easily.

What is Ringo? Ringo lets you easily use your favorite music or sound clip as a ringtone, email or message alert – bringing your BlackBerry to life, every time it rings. Ringo’s bright and breezy controls make it simple and fun to change your BlackBerry tones, and set personal tones for your special contacts and groups.

What is an OtterBox case? The OtterBox level II case for smartphone series allows users of the smartphone 3 layers of protection along with a sleek, slim fit to the smartphone.

* Limit one entry per reader/per email address. Open to residents in Canada and United States only. Contest only vaild until April 12, 2009. Winners will be announced no later than April 14, 2009.

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  • Mekk

    Hi, just want to say I love my new blackberry storm because it’s so much better than an iPhone =p … I would love to have Phoneface, btw happy birthday ;)

  • winson

    I love my BlackBerry Bold and just switched from iPhone. Happy Birthday to BlackBerrySync!!

  • http://www.franklyfranklin.co.uk/ Tim Ngwena

    I have a blackberry curve 8900 and love it for the simple reason that it keeps me connected in every way possible from google reader, viigo, facebok, twitter, emails phone text and mms. Its the only no holds barred communication device.

  • Rosco

    Rocking a Storm, and I gotta say I love it!

    Happy Birthday BBS!

  • Ted

    I got my first BB a couple of months ago…a Curve 8330. It is the most awesome communiations device I have ever had. Now I wonder why I waited so long. It does everything I’ve been wanting a phone to do. I was visiting my in-laws this past weekend and we were sitting around the table after breakfast discussing small town local news. They were trying to think of the name of someone that had passed away recently but couldn’t remember. I pulled out the BB, went to the internet and pulled up their local newspaper and was able to read the entire obit for the person. My in-laws were impressed.

  • misterrx

    Happy Birthday BlackBerrySync.com.

    Working the keyboard past its limit on my 8330. Looking forward to VZW’s upcoming 9630 eventually. I would love to win the Ottercase to protect one of my favorite devices, my BlackBerry.

  • Carol

    Loving my new BB Storm… So many new things to try out!

  • Ken Brown

    My BB works as it’s supposed to — period. It’s an integral part of our business.

  • Paul Medynski

    I’m rockin my Curve 8900 and I’m lovin the UMA feature – using my home WiFi for calls, and then seamlessly jumping onto EDGE when I leave my house – without any interruption to calls in progress. Sweet!

  • dave

    I love my storm because it’s not an iphone. (hard to believe I am saying that as a mac person)

  • Goodie Mo

    I LOVE…LOVE…LOVE my BB Storm!!! This is my first bb ever! I’ve always been pc smartphone user & just decided to switch to bb when the storm arrived. It was the best decision I made. I’m in touch w/every aspect of my life w/this phone. My storm is such a wonderful addiction!

  • http://www.andrewpederson.com Andrew Pederson

    I have a Blackberry Pearl 8130 and it’s the best piece of technology I’ve ever had. Staying connected wherever I go? I couldn’t live without it. It’s the center of my ‘digital world’ (and I’m a CompSci major).

  • http://blog.gurski.org/ emag

    I absolutely love my BB Bold. From the 3G service that’s now finally available in my home market, to WiFi in those nasty machine rooms @ work that kill all cell reception. Being able to carry one single device that replaces both PDA and phone, I’m able to carry my master password lists, keep up on personal mail (work can give me another BB if they want me 24×7), working around work-based blocking of sites like Facebook & Twitter so that I can keep up with friends, and being able to manage my ever-growing calendar.

    Previously, I’d had a T-Mo Sidekick3, and had never felt comfortable ditching my Palm to use it exclusively. For the last 4 months, my Palm’s been sitting on my dresser, unused.

    Add in the convenience factor of being able to keep in touch with my wife (on her Curve), my sister (who SMSes more than either of us talk on the phone), and my mom, and it’s a real winner.

    It’s also fun to sit in meetings with vendors, and verify or augment any statements that they make, either about their own products, or competing ones, but that’s just icing on the cake compared to the rest of it.

    Having had a hw problem this weekend, I realized just how dependent I’ve become on my Bold. I actually went through withdrawal over the course of the 20 hours it took to resolve the issue!

  • bbskh

    I would be lost without my BlackBerry Curve 8310. It has become my personal assistant.
    Happy birthday.

  • Chad F

    Happy Birthday guys!

    I remember just a few months back when I gave a tip about Bells Pearl flip, I felt so important and like I accomplished something when it was posted.

    And it was all done through my Blackberry (8900) of course!
    So I guess I’d say I love my Blackberry not only because it keeps me connected via social networking sites, but it’s my mini (spy) computer and lets me send my emails.
    But most importantly isn’t everyones favorite app BBmsger?

  • paul

    I’ve used many mobile devices from the early days of the Palm right up to my current Blackberry Storm. All of them had calendar, memo, todo’s and the ussual apps but what I always ended up using them for was entertainment. I love playing games, watching movies and tv shows and so much more. That’s why I love my Blackberry. I say it’s for work but it’s secretly for play.

  • Patrick C.

    I’m still rocking an 8830 World Edition, but it’s been doing just fine since the 4.5 beta releases started leaking out. I’m waiting for either the 9630, or perhaps switching back to GSM (if my employer will cover it) and either a Bold or 8900.

    What I really love about the BB is just how easily it keeps me connected to friends, family, and to the office. Even if I’m not one of those people who’s work revolves around their BB, it’s still invaluable to know what’s going on at the office when I’m not there. And it totally made planning my recent wedding so much easier!

  • Joseph

    My Blackberry Storm is the best device i’ve had, it does everything and is also really cool looking. Its my second blackberry and i show no signs of stopping. Happy Bday BBS!

  • Mitchell Jacobs

    Storm, I love all the applications, I love checking BlackberrySync.com to check out everything new that goes along with my Blackberry including news and new applications. It is a world in itself! I love it~!

  • Bla1ze

    Wow, one device…Ok.

    My BlackBerry Bold, cause it fits nicely in my hands, is easy to type on and is straight up a workhorse to the max.

  • Bla1ze

    PS: Exclude my entry please, just commenting to participate :)

  • Mayooran

    BlackBery Sync is awesome… They always have the latest blackberry info up… Great side.

    I have the BlackBerry Strom 9530.


  • Bxdaddy67

    I will love my Blackberry Storm 9530 unconditionally once it is updated with wi-fi or even a OS update, but for know I’m still falling in love with it.

  • Randman

    I love my Blackberry storm 9530 because I’m in –SYNC– with the world!!!

  • SQ609

    I love my BlackBerry Storm 9530 because it keeps me connected to everything important while on the go.

  • chuck s.

    I love my blackberry storm……….

  • lincoln

    I simply can not be with out my blackberry 8310! sure its an “older” model… but you cant beat a classic! I used to rock a windows mobile smartphone and thought it was the best thing ever..WRONG!! blackberries simply work the way you want them to, no other smartphone has met my expectations like that. So pick me to win this one if you want to give it to some one who actually uses their blackberry every 2 seconds! thanks!

  • Nelimungous

    Can’t want for the next gen Curve. Love the keyboard!

  • Glenna W

    Hi I love my Blackberry Storm 9530 Series … Congratulations on your 2nd year Anniversary .. and I too would love to Win something from your Site. I have only had my Blackberry since December 2008 and still getting use to it … and have checked out your Site when ever I have a question about something.

    Again … Congrats on 2 years!!

  • Joshua Z

    I just picked up the Bold for AT&T and running a data only plan on it. I love this thing, finally happy to have a new generation bb with wifi on it, BlackBerry RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • RogerQ

    Hey Happy Birthday and I just got my BB Curve 8330 and I love all the great apps for it like TwitterBerry,Pandora ,XMRadio,they all work so well its great.

  • Sam L

    Happy 2nd B-Day Blackberry !

    I have a BB Storm 9530, I love my storm cause i can stay in touch with my friends via its many social networking apps as well as i can keep up to date with the latest news through blackberrysync.com

  • Ricky

    I have the BlackBerry Storm with Verizon and I love it just wish I could sync my calendar and contacts wireless! BTW Happy Birthday! Cool site!

  • Nick

    Much love to BBsync. Happy Birthday. Keep up the great work. I read you on Virgo and Twitter with my one stop comm BB storm.

  • Adam

    I’ve got a Telus Blackberry Storm and it’s my lifeline lol. It dropped a couple of weeks ago onto my driveway and had a cracked screen. It was heartbreaking! Luckily I was able to get it replaced though, so now life is normal again!

    Happy birthday BBSync!!!

  • jeepgirl9575

    Happy birthday, Blackberry Sync.

    From The JeepGirl & her Javelin.

  • Rahael

    I got my first bb in February and I don’t know how I didn’t have one before! I love having everything I need or want at my fingertips on my storm.

  • Brad

    Happy Birthday to Blackberry Sync. I’m looking into getting a Storm. Nice Machine!

  • http://www.deadcaptcha.com Elliot Brill

    Hey, i came across your url on digg and i think it’s cool!