Blackberry Tour 9630… to be or not to be?

April 24, 2009 | By | 2 Comments

niagarareview7Well as today’s news posts.. it looks like the Blackberry “Niagara” will now be called the Blackberry Tour. RIM always have made some cools names in the past (Bold, Storm, Curve, Pearl, World) but I’m not really sure about “Tour”….. Kind of reminds me of Guitar Hero, but at least they named it something that has meaning “World Tour”…. anyways that’s totally not relevant to this topic. However the Blackberry Tour 9630 should be one hot little device! With all the rumors going around about it, all the news, all the hype from people just waiting to get it… (Just like I can’t wait to get it… stupid waiting game, DOH!) I’m assuming name Blackberry Tour will have a meaning to it. Maybe RIM decided they want everyone to Tour around the world with their Blackberry Tour, and take a tour off track using the Tour GPS, while being a tourist and touring and….. by now you get the hint.

Looks like Blackberry Tour it is! Here’s a quote from over at BGR..

“UPDATE: Thanks to one of our awesome readers, they’ve just alerted us to the fact that (something RIM would obviously own) and both point to the same IP address. Additionally, they were both coincidentally registered on the same date. Welp, it looks like BlackBerry Tour it is!”

Wow… lots of good stuff!!

Keep close by your Blackberry to find out more news on the Blackberry Tour and if the name will stick! The device should be very….. VERY close to a launch, with working software, a name, some wireless carriers already lined up, and tons of them manufactured… We’ll all be playing with our Tours very soon!

Thanks BGR!

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