BlackBerry Tour 9630 “Niagara” launching on Verizon in July?

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Alright so BGR has already confirmed that the BlackBerry 9630 which was code-named “Niagara” will now be called BlackBerry Tour and may possibly have something to do with U2. Well BGR now has a very creditble source who claims that Verizon will be launching the BlackBerry Tour this July. Also they expect the pricing to be around $199 with contract.  We aren’t sure what that means for any of the other carriers such as Bell, Telus or Sprint as of yet. Earlier reports claimed that both Bell and Telus would be launching the 9630 before the United States so keep an eye out for more details…

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  • me

    Who gives a shit

  • bbfan


  • Bartez

    I give a shit. So thanks for the info with regards to the Niagara.

  • Bob

    It is quite amazing how much patience Verizon customers are expected to have. I am doing all I can to wait for the 9630, rather than just pick up the 8900 from T-Mo. Yet again, Verizon may be dead last behind Bell, Telus and possibly Sprint. I’ve been loyal to Verizon since the beginning but my contract is long over and my patience is running out. Now we are told it maybe the end of July? Here we go again.

  • Brenden

    I care, I want this device so bad here on Bell. Get it done RIM, announce something at WES

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  • ike

    niagara cdma or gsm

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