BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8210 Shows Up in Ad… Launching Soon?

April 11, 2009 | By | 6 Comments


I was browsing the site today when I noticed one of the Google ads on this site was showing the BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8210. Correct me if I’m wrong but has the 8210 officially been released yet? When clicking the link it took me to and only shows the 8220 and 8230 available. Could it be a typo or a sign that RIM is getting ready to launch the GPS enabled Pearl Flip 8210?

Update: After running a google search for “BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8210″ I found another ad at the top of Google’s search for the 8210. Very weird.


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  • Brenden

    hmm. to bad the pearl flip sucks in general

  • HL

    Curious why u make that statement it was not made to do quite everything other higher$$$ models do. But hav BB functions and suport. It has it place acording to reviews.

  • CT

    They are probably using a dynamic ad within Google Adwords. They may not even realize they are bidding on this keyword. But we know it’s coming …

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