BlackBerry OS 5.0 Incremental Features in Detail!

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I was reading up on some news today when I stumbled across something exciting. Kevin, from CrackBerry, was able to attain documents that explain in detail what the new OS 5.0 contains in features. It’s safe to assume that the newer upcoming phones will be released loaded with the new OS, and be available for the current phones with 4.6 which includes the Bold, The Curve 8900, The Pearl Flip, and the Storm. It’s rumored perhaps the 83xx series as well, but nothing else has been listed or suggested as of yet.

Out of the features listed are the following: A follow up flag for your emails (with request, color, status, and due) and they will sync flagged with your desktop (BES 5.0), you will be able to manage mail folders on your phone which will include moving, renaming, and deleting them (again, 5.0 BES), the ability to forward an appointment to a third party (BES 5.0), appointment notes with embedded documents can now viewed and downloaded on your device (BES 5.0), a files application to search for local files and remote files on a corporate intranet (5.0 BES), wireless contact synchoronization is going to include multiple Contact Folders, Personal Distribution Lists, contacts that are stored in your public and shared files (BES 5.0), and when viewing PowerPoint you will be able to see transitions and animations.

By pressing and holding the BlackBerry button will now bring up the Application Switcher, pressing the BlackBerry button once will bring up the menu and pressing it twice will bring the default menu action.  There will be new homescreen options which will include settings of set the download folder, set the wallpaper, set the theme, and reset Icon arrangement. Included now are Sticky dates in message list so as you scroll through messages the date will stay at the top, Conference Call Integration in Appointment details which means that the conference call details can be a calendar appointment with the information for both the moderator and participant and will need to be entered by CCM (for the Moderator) and CCP (for the Participant), there will be updated standard and premium versions of Documents To Go by Data Viz (v1.006 will preloaded and ready to upgraded by the user), there will be better application management alerting the user to the memory running low and what applications can be removed that aren’t used frequently, BIS Thick Email Client will be a java application with more integrated experience and will list the popular mail service providers you can choose from. You will have the ability to create, edit and delete mail filters and your signatures right on your own device, you will be able to resize a photo when sending, you will be able to see the progress of an email upload with the Email Upload Progress Indicator. A Device Boot screen will display the word BlackBerry and be more appeasing to the eye. you’ll be able to enable event sounds which includes Device On, Device Off, Cable Connected, Cable Disconnected, Full Battery Charge and Battery Near Depletion. You will be able to set your ringtone from your Phone Dialing Screen or Device Options, show the last row in options as a half height row so the user can see Advanced Options is there below, you will see the name of the Profile in the Title so you will know what profile you are editing. There will be more simplified configuration options for sound and profiles. Now all profiles except Normal and All Alerts Off can be renamed.  All Profiles except for Normal, All Alerts Off, and Vibrate can be deleted.

Map enhancements include even better panning and zooming, making it much faster. A new top layer screen will allow you to search for various layers of information such as points of interests and locations, address search will handle queries much more intelligently and will support North America and Western Europe in comparison to the current Canada, UK, and USA. There will be photo geotagging on maps, and they will appear as thumbnails on layers on the map.

In the browser will be bookmarks including a Single Branded Carrier Bookmark. And of course expect a richer browsing experience, Gears Support, and additional Multimedia Enhancements, MicroSD cards and allowing MicroSD Smart Cards for stronger security. There are other features and details, to read more about them go here.

[via CrackBerry]

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  • David A. Desrosiers

    This is all great… except one major omission: No category support in Calendar? Seriously?

    Are we STILL forgetting the single largest flaw in the RIM devices? Palm devices had this a DECADE ago, and RIM still can’t figure this out?

  • Ahmad

    Please is it possible to view the mail flag status in black berry bold 9000 as in outlook.

    Kindly advise


  • chris

    is there a download any where?

  • chris

    any one know if this will work on a storm or will the storm start at 5.1

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