BlackBerry App World Goes Live! Let the downloads begin!!

April 1, 2009 | By | 11 Comments


Like magic RIM’s new BlackBerry App World is now live! Meaning your BlackBerry smartphone now has access to tons of free and paid applications. Prices range anywhere from $0 to $9.99 for most applications. App World works very similar to Apple’s App Store meaning you simply click the application you want and install. It’s simple and works perfect.All payments are only accepted via Paypal. Anyways if you haven’t already downloaded BlackBerry App World simply point your BlackBerry browser to and install it right from there.

Want more details on BlackBerry App World? See

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  • Mikeg

    All except for Orange UK customers who seem to have been completely blocked from accessing (and some Vodafone). According to the store app, a new BB Bold on Orange has an unsupported config .. go figure

  • Joe T

    Sorry the app World isn;t working for u.. it is very cool- i got some apps already. one of the best i’d say is “iheartradio”. it is one of the free ones too. Here’s a link if you’re interested- I recommend.

  • Bob

    Not on the UK Vodafone storm, even though BB advertises it avail in UK. Only Vodafone has it so not sure who they were thinking about. Anyway looks like the pair of them stick to the Storm tradition of releasing stuff without basic checks. What are these guys thinking!

  • johnny cracks

    I for one will not be d/l’ing the appworld…pay pal is a total scam and completely insecure…sorry RIM you will lose out on lost revenue by partnering exclusively with pay pal.

  • Serpico76

    Hello there,
    this store does not work from France with SFR/Vodaphone as operator… pure non sense, iphone will still lead the market if RIM is still blocking!

  • mikitukka

    Only 3 countries what a bloody joke!!!! Not happy jan!!!!

  • nb

    Today’s update now works on the UK Vodafone Storm.

  • http://google oenharth

    you take this… good for busines idea

  • deano

    well done rim just downloaded app world its wicked the only thing i have a problem with is i cant get shazam here in the uk slightly annoying so if any1 knows if they will be releasing it over here id apprecciate a follow up comment but anyway found loads of other apps that i never heard of so nice one rim

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