Storm 9530 OS leaked online!!

February 1, 2009 | By | 17 Comments


As always it seems that a leaked Storm OS comes at least once a week. Kevin from CrackBerry caught OS for the BlackBerry Storm 9530. We aren’t too sure what this new OS brings to the table just yet, but keep in mind it has not been officially released by RIM and is not recommended for install unless you know what your doing. Be sure to make an extra backup before proceeding. Anyways keep an eye out for a Storm 9500 coming soon too!

Once you install it be sure to let us know what you think by posting in the comments…

Download Link from Megaupload >

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  • DavidB

    Smooth upgrade from .90.

  • James

    I have just installed it on my 9530 and so far its good. Haven’t had any freezing or rebooting issues. Tomorrow will be the true test.. So stay tuned.

  • howardcohensells

    Between my daughter and myslef, we have had 6 storms in 3 weeks. All freeze or pixelate with zillions of colors and lockup. Verizon tells us NEVER INSTALL ANY O/S UPGRADE FROM OTHER THAN THEIR SITE and they do not support anything above “.76″. What gives, even Verizon tech folks say there are upgrades but if they are installed now it will void Verizon warranty. Any comments ?

  • DavidB

    OF COURSE they tell you that. They have to toe the corporate line. And any responsible blog that posts about leaked OS’s will tell you the same thing.

  • darryl

    how can you update to the new firmware on the blackberry storm? my blackberry desktop manager isn’t recognizing it. Can somebody please put up steps as to how i can about to do so?

  • DavidB

    Google my man! Dozens of sites with step by step instructions.

  • Kraig

    Seems like the Megaupload is not working anymore! Is there another site to download the .99 software, and I assume this is for Verizon Storms only??

  • Christopher Weaver

    sucks to be u man 6 storms lol i had mines for about a lil over a month now and besides that software bugs no problems i upgraded to .99 and even in beta its a hell of alot better than the one verizon supports but i hope u guys get a pair of storms that dont die on u

  • darryl

    thanks well i updated the firmwre to the 99 version. so far so good..they weren’t exaggarating on how long it takes to update lol. so far so good time to test it out :) they added a new icon called “phone” lol same thing as pushing the green call button

  • Kraig

    Where is the 99 version software located?


    Hey, first of all they tell you that because they are the carrier and they have their own official release. However, it will not void warranty if you do not tell them about it. If the issue continuously occurs just reload back the carriers OS from and your back to the carriers original official OS release. Now that means your warranty is back into effect. Then you can contact your carrier and tell them whatever. The .99 seems to be running fine other than in BlackBerry Messenger it locked up on me once already and I had to do a Battery Pull. Other than that it seems to be a smooth OS. The official .76 Telus release was not too bad it was very slow however when i use windows live messenger there was a major bug the camera would automatically come on and the menu would start flashing. The camera would just stay on and you cannot do anything not even a picture. A Battery Pull would then resolve it. Now .99 everything runs so smooth other than the BB Messenger i’ve noticed. Also, when you lock you phone and you click on the screen it just stays black in .99 if you press the return button next to the end call button you then get the message that the phone is locked. The .76 version if you clicked on the screen it will still tell you its locked. Thats fine, it doesn’t bother me because this way I know the phone is locked and if any kids are around my house it will just stay black and will not amaze them..

    Hope this info helps..

    Good Luck to you all!

  • Don

    you said that .99 causes issues with BB Messenger. did you mean that it just locked up once or twice? I LIVE in BBM, so it has to work with.99. so does it work fine?

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