OS Alert: BlackBerry Storm 9530 OS leaked!

February 11, 2009 | By | 15 Comments


A new beta OS for the BlackBerry Storm 9530 has been leaked! You can now download OS unofficially. We don’t know yet what this new OS will feature, however if your not familiar with installing beta OS’ we do not recommend you do it. These releases have not been put out to the pubic by RIM. Please be sure to do a backup before installing this OS on your device just in case something goes wrong.

Get for the BlackBerry Storm 9530 here >

If you did install it please post a comment and let us know how its working!

[via BerryReview]

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  • Kris

    Just installed…seems to be working great.

  • fred

    I updated from .75 to 103 and the differences are huge. The most obvious one is the camera. The camera work great. There r no more black screen when u press the camera button. The picture is taken within a second. The pic view option display all the pic almost instantaneously. The accelerometer work great.

    The updating was without any problem. Just following the link, download, run self extracting installer,restart pc, run blackberry application, update software and you are done. The blackberry app will backup your file but is always a good idea to backup ur file yourself.

    Once the software was updated on the phone I got the hourglass while trying to access any application but a simple reboot fix that.

    I recommend the update!

  • Kevin

    Installed it 3 days ago and it is completely better than any other version leaked. Everything is quicker and the camera works! I don’t use it for movies or music so I couldn’t tell you about how thats working. But everything else is great including gmaps, youtube, and work email. I would give it a shot if you haven’t downloaded a previously released leaked version.

  • John

    Can someone report the link, the old 1 is dead

  • fred

    I have a problem. My phone battery won’t last as long. Even when the phone is off it still drain my battery. I work in bldg basement level and I always turn phone off while working and back on when I get off. After the update every single time my phone is dead. It won’t even blick. Anyone else having the same problem?

  • LC

    yeah the link doesn’t work :(

  • TSDuke

    Link is busted, where can I get .106??

  • M3
  • Sphinx

    I upgraded 2 days ago to 103 and my battery is draining within an hour now as well, Fred. Did you figure out why and is there a fix for it?

  • Tish

    Hi new to the storm silly question can the upgrade to .103OS be done ota right to the phone?thanks!

  • fred

    Sphinx if you turn ur gps to e911 only instead of always, ur battery will go back to normal

  • Andrew

    Saw this a little late, just waiting for the download to finish.
    “Following the link, download, run self extracting installer, restart PC, run blackberry application, update software and you are done. The blackberry app will backup your file but is always a good idea to backup ur file yourself.”
    So after I’m done this it should be on there? Sounds awesome, now for warranty purposes, in the case something went wrong with the phone, anyway to re-install version v4.7.0.76?

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