Better finger selection for Copy/Paste/Edit coming to future Storm OS!!

February 25, 2009 | By | 16 Comments


We just received a tip that an upcoming BlackBerry Storm OS will introduce better finger movements for copy/pasting and selecting text. In the picture above you see the little box which you can drag along to highlight text. It’s quite a good idea!! We can’t tell you just yet what OS this will appear in however expect it soon at the rate of all these beta leaks. Using the box to slide your finger on the screen it makes it a lot easier to select text and copy/paste things. This little box at first reminded me of the hover on the iPhone, however it does not show the words magnified. Regardless it’s a great addition to the BlackBerry Storm and will for sure come in handy!

Here’s a video so you under.. Forgive me trying to operate camera and Storm at the same time…

As always stay tuned for more details…

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