Use your BlackBerry to open/close your Garage door!

January 5, 2009 | By | 6 Comments

A great new tool from the Unify4Life is getting ready to show off at this year Consumer Electronics Show (which starts on the 8th). CrackBerry’s Kevin pointed out this hot new product called Garage|Shadow will allow you to control you garage door simply by using your BlackBerry. Garage|Shadow will go on sale April 6, 2009. Pricing is yet to be finalized. So who’s excited to use their BlackBerry for this??


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  • DavidB

    Cool for the “must have gizmo” crowd! Both of my cars have the built in HomeLink and I have a wireless keypad mounted on the wall, so I think I’ll pass. What I WOULD pay money for though is a remote control program that let’s the Bluetooth Blackberry work as a remote for the Playstation 3! It works now as a “headset”, but I would like keyboard and to use the trackmarble for web surfing.

  • Mike @ Unify

    Come visit us at CES and you’ll see the PS3 in action!

    Mike @ Unify

  • James

    Mike can you explain a little more on what your BlackBerry will be able to do with a PS3??

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  • Marcus

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  • Alicia Dilly

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