President Obama gets upgrade to BlackBerry 8830 World Edition

January 30, 2009 | By | 15 Comments


He fought to keep his personal BlackBerry in the White House and now President Obama has got an upgrade. A new article over at pointed out that the President is now rocking a Verizon BlackBerry 8830 World Edition, instead of his old trusty 8700 model. All I can say is what Storm not reliable enough for you Mister President? haha.

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  • DavidB

    OMG…I have both 8830 and 9530. 8830 is a BlackBerry, 9530 is a toy. Whoever chose for him chose wisely, both carrier and device. Ya gotta wonder though, you think the pressure to get the 9030 (Niagra, I.e CDMA Bold) released on Verizon and REAL SOON NOW has just watched up to DEFCON 5 level at Waterloo now? ;)

  • James

    I agree. I own both as well and the 8830 by far has been the best for me!

  • JerryD

    Well DavidB & Hames, you’ve obviously never traveled outside of CDMA land. The 8300 is a TERRIBLE BlackBerry for someone that’s very likely to be traveling the world. Our company pulled this device from the Approved List after months of our executives getting stuck overseas with NO SERVICE!

    If Verizon doesn’t Man Up and get the President decent service overseas, he’ll be switching devices! Personally, I don’t understand why he didn’t get THE best BlackBerry available – the Bold. Excellent service overseas, and the fastest BlackBerry available – both in network and processor speed.

  • Hammer

    Amen! I have both also. 8830 by far the best bb.

  • DavidB

    Its an 8830, which works flawlessly overseas with the right SIM card. Do you think they even CARE about what those overseas charges would be? No.

    My comment about carrier was for a reason. Verizon is known for its superior network/coverage in the areas where Mr. President will spend most of his time (DC, Camp David, etc.) So I am sure that factored heavily into the choice. Plus maybe most of his friends/family are verizon/Alltel so those minutes are free to us taxpayers eh? ;)

  • JerryD

    DavidB – I maintain you obviously have no experience with the 8830 overseas. For the general public, Verizon does NOT allow just any SIM card to work – it must be theirs, and you must use the networks THEY have arrangements with – which is pathetically few.

    While I MIGHT agree that Verizon’s US coverage is best, I wouldn’t say either AT&T or t-Mobile’s is bad – or even worse in DC. In fact, I’d say that all three are on par with each other, and all the carriers have free in-network calling.

    I’d rather he had better mobile communication when he’s OUT of the country than when he’s in DC (and most likely has a computer available!).

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  • MrGmain

    JerryD- I have a BB 8830 and the 9530 I love both but the 8830 is the best to me. I travel overseas alot (work for an airline) and I have no complaints when I travel with my 8830 to , London, Holland, or Italy. So for you to say that the 8830 has no coverage overseas I disagree Vodafone is VZW partner and part owner so my 8830 gets great service overseas and and when I am back in the U.S.

  • jim

    I have a 8830 thru us cellular, and its locked could not use sim for my germany travels. I’ve had 8700 and 8830 now 4 two years, looking at replacing 8830, but nothing out there is worth the switch. I’m going to wait for 1 more year. Obama should be pleased once he gets used to the track ball and smaller keyboard, which took me about two weeks!!

  • Joe

    My guess is the the President got one under the FBI’s contract. On RIM’s website I saw a posting that the FBI got around 20,000 8830’s from Verizon for their agents world wide. I had no problem with the GSM interface in Europe and in South Amerca last year.

  • Anna

    How is the 8830 in the Middle East, especially Qatar and Egypt?

  • Regina Arevalo

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