Microsoft says Obama needs to stop using BlackBerry – Might be Canadian Security Threat

January 27, 2009 | By | 4 Comments

Last week you may have seen that President Obama was allowed to keep his BlackBerry by the NSA. Basically it got a super encryption and will be allowed to be kept for personal communications only. While for his more Presidential needs he will be using a Windows Mobile powered Sectera Edge. Someone at Microsoft actually released a comment to the WSJ saying this:

“You would be sending your data outside the country,” says Randy Siegel, a Microsoft enterprise mobile strategist who works on federal government projects. “We wouldn’t want the casual musings or official communications of the most important person in the world being intercepted by others.”

What part of Super-Encryption doesn’t he get? Look at this huge thing they want him to use for everything? Below is the Sectera Edge.

sectera_edge_parts-thumb[via RIMarkble]

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  • DavidB

    Isn’t that pretty much the same argument as was being made about BlackBerry in India? What, WinMo is more secure than Blackberry? MS is just trying to get their name mentioned alongside all the free publicity RIM is getting from this ObamaBerry thing.

  • Pederson

    oh my… they just don’t like all the excellent/free publicity he’s giving to RIM/BB. WinMo is horrible, and dead. Maybe if Microsoft actually made it decent, we’d look twice at it.

  • DaFD

    Wait. MICROSOFT is worried about the SECURITY of the PRESIDENT because he is NOT using their product???

  • Jmes

    Hey MS don’t mind the RIM security its RIM for BB, and that makes BB uniqueness a distiguished smart phone amongst other.