Fido BlackBerry Pearl 8100 launching Feb. 4th – Pricing & Plan Details…

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Looks like the rumors about Fido carrying the BlackBerry Pearl 8100 has been confirmed more by the BerryReview team. It seems Fido will start selling BlackBerry with BIS (BlackBerry Internet Service) only service. Pricing for the old school Pearl 8100 starts at $25 with three year term and ends at $400 with no contract/month to month. A couple things to point out Fido will not be offering BES (BlackBerry Enterprise Server) support but they will allow tethering with their data plans. Fido will not officially support any other BlackBerry models, however if you were to pick up an unlocked Berry you would be able to use it!


Fido BlackBerry Pearl 8100 Pricing:

  • $400 MTM / No Contract
  • $350 on a 2 Year
  • $25 on a 3 year w/ Voice + Data (no minimum monthly total cost required).

Fido BlackBerry Plans:

  • $15 – Unlimited Personal Email & IM
  • $25 – 500MB BIS Data
  • $30 – 1GB BIS Data
  • $60 – 3GB BIS Data

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  • DavidB

    Yay! So RIM found somewhere they can offload obsolete hardware.

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  • Dismal

    ughhh when are they going to announce the 8900? rather have that come out first

  • westernmd68

    Wow! I can’t even imagine being locked into a phone, already so rapidly aging for another 3 years… imagine the technology that will surpass all these people with circa 2006 original pearls (being released on a carrier in ’09!!??) i mean come on fido! att got the pearl 8100 back in late 2006 when it was still cingular. people have had the pearl, renewed their contract, and already gotten a good chunk of their next contract through already

  • jerry

    its about time fido follows the trend of carrying blackberry instead of screwing their existing blackberry connect users with outragous rates. They better not discontinue this time if sales are slow. I do appreciate them finally following their parent company Rogers, but the mere fact that they took so long to do this and make us wait is idiotic on their behalf

  • Liam Goslett

    I want the curve 8900, do you think fido will be geting that?

  • Crystal

    The next one that comes out is the flip, there will not be Curves or bold at least anytime soon because fido just rebranded itself to compete directly with Virgin/Solo/Koodo and wants the lower end phones.

  • jerry

    Fido only carries the low end models off bb. We are forced to buy an unlockded cell phone from Rogers or GSM model from ebay.
    The first step is to get back the blackberry service they took away last year and get a more reasonable data price plan.
    The 2nd step is to go hunting on ebay for a good deal on an unlocked phone.

  • neil

    Ya, you can already unlock it!

    I’m thinking of getting it unlocked at

    is it a good idea to unlock it?

  • reilley

    Definitely a good idea to unlock if you travel out of town and want to use your phone in a different city or country without paying roaming charges,

    I’ve unlocked a couple phones through before,

    Great service, very fast, and the price was cheap.

    Also they gave me a discount when I unlocked my second phone.


  • jhen-jhen

    ii like it ! thats the phone i used nOw :D

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