Check out The Executive Theme Series for BlackBerry Bold!

January 20, 2009 | By | 2 Comments

A theme designed by the name of Atul contacted me the other day to show you their new Executive Theme Series for the BlackBerry Bold! These themes pack a ton of icons on to one display and ensure you find applications you use the most. The Executive Theme is extremely customizable you can choose from 5 different style layouts and have up to 24 icons on your screen. Best of all you can purchase them from the BBSync Store for only $7 (however they are on sale until Jan. 30 for $4.99).

Here are the features of this theme:

  • Easy access to more applications from the Home Screen. Now your Home Screen can have up to 24 icons — 12 common tools and utilities and 12 customizable icons in the dock! Choose any of five unique layouts.
  • Don’t waste your customizable icons for applications such as Messages and Browser, because they are included in the fixed icons
  • Now you can use the Dial from Home Screen because common tools and utilities are easily accessible from the Home Screen already
  • Utilizes all existing Blackberry 4.6+ icons so you don’t have to learn new icons
  • Set any background you like, because these themes do not require you to use a certain background and they won’t interfere with your background
  • Comprehensive view of ALL your notifications/alerts in the Banner area. Most themes out there can only handle 4-5 icons at once in the notification area. These themes can handle over 10 and you will need as much room as possible as you explore more and more apps!
  • These themes optimize the navigation so you can get to the icon you need to quickly without accidentally scroll up to the Profile icon
  • These themes will NOT remove default folder icons, such as the Setup, Downloads, Games
  • Save memory by using these themes that don’t have animated backgrounds and are under 58 kb!
  • Easy to read clock and better organized Banner
  • These unique themes were incubated, refined, and tested by several advanced power users

Head on our to The BlackBerry Sync Store to check out the Executive Series Themes >

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