Review: BerryWare Custom Colored Housings for BlackBerry

December 4, 2008 | By | 6 Comments

Have you ever purchased a colored BlackBerry? maybe a plain Silver or ruby red one but wished you had picked a different color? Well a new Canadian company called is here to help you with custom colored BlackBerry housings (Their work is very similar to Colorware which only ships within the United States). Berryware currently offers BlackBerry housings for the Curve 8310, 8320 and 8330 models and will soon be releasing ones for the Bold and Pearl series. Check out the rest of the review –

I was lucky enough to get my hands on a custom colored Blue housing for my Curve 8330. Right out of the box I was excited to see the quality of the paint. Berryware arrived extremely fast to my house with a nice little custom pouch inside with all the tools needed to perform surgery to my berry. One of the biggest differences between Colorware and Berryware is that Berryware actually sends you the housing to install instead of painting over your existing one.

Because BlackBerries are hand built they are fairly easy to disassemble it took about 20 minutes from removing the first screw to having it all apart. An installation video is coming real soon from Berryware, until then you can find a few good ones on Youtube. Included in the package was the font, back, battery door, sides, extra keyboard, two screw drivers and two clip removers.

Berryware offers tons of exciting colored housings included the Azure Blue (seen in this review), Blush Pink, Blizzard White, Prowler Purple, and my favorite Galactic Black Metallic. The housings are priced at $69.99 USD and make a great Christmas present! The only thing we should note is your are taking apart your own BlackBerry therefore we aren’t sure if it will void your warranty or if you can have it professionally installed. Check with your local service centre.

As a special promotion from they are offering BlackBerry Sync readers $10 off their order! Simply use coupon code “BBSync” when purchasing your housing.


Check out for your custom housing today! (don’t forget to use BBSync as the coupon code)

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  • DaFD


  • Dick Butterworth

    $69.99!!!! Holy Crap!!!

  • DaFD

    Remember that colorware costs $99 for a simple colour job, and you have to send yours in or buy a new one at an inflated price.

  • Simon

    Yeah, this is a solid step up from Colorware.

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