Leaked BlackBerry OS for BlackBerry Storm 9530

December 27, 2008 | By | 4 Comments

Yup its time for another leaked BlackBerry Storm 9530 OS upgrade. This new version doesn’t seem to have any huge improvements in it. Keep in mind this is a leaked copy of the OS. It is generally not suppose to be available to the public therefore installing this upgrade could harm your device. We nor RIM take any reponsibilty to any damage caused to your device or memory. Just a quick warning before you going playing around… Any who CB user vdiesel posted a quick rundown of changes he notices from the previous leaked version ( and the new one (

1. Accelerometer feels about the same (possibly a split second slower)
2. Camera is about 2-3 seconds faster (I timed them)
3. Keyboard speed is about the same (still pretty fast)
4. No media card or stuck Verizon logo errors (so far, last time it appeared later)
5. The IM bug that was fixed in .83 was reintroduced in .85 (the landscape keyboard does not push up the text area so you can see what you’re typing)
6. Browser is more quirky about loading pages, sometimes it does and sometimes it just sits there with a white screen trying to load the simplest pages
7. In general, it feels a tad bit snappier, especially with screen to screen transitions

Overall, I saw no major improvements here besides the camera (though it’s still too slow), and I was a bit disappointed with the IM keyboard bug returning and the quirky browser behavior. But if this build is more stable in the long run (no more crashing), then it was worth the trouble. I have say though that, overall, I am unimpressed with this one. .83 had major performance improvements, .85 doesn’t seem to add much, and actuallys takes away in some regards as mentioned earlier. I’ll update on its stability as I use it more.

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