Confirmation BlackBerry coming to Fido in 2009!!

December 25, 2008 | By | 3 Comments


More Rogers/Fido leaks have arrived today. Looks like BlackBerry will be coming to Fido between Febuary to April 2009! Fido will be lauching three BlackBerry models in 2009. It includes BlackBerry Pearl Flip 82xx, Pearl 8110 and wait for it… Curve 8900. No pricing is known at this time but stay tuned when we get some details…


[via BBNews]

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  • naruto

    I hope I can own all of them in the date of release

  • Natsha

    will the blackberry curve the pink one come to fido in febuary

  • Jon

    Most of these phones will be appearing between the months of July and September. Blackberry has been with Rogers for a while now and it only makes sense that they give Rogers some good phones. I’m with Fido… and I’ve been waiting for a blackberry phone for so long. I have a 3 year contract and I’m starting my third year. I want the BlackBerry Flip but Fido does not have it. I don’t want to quit my Plan as it’s an AMAZING plan.

    My Plan includes;
    -Free 2500 Text’s
    -Free 250 daytime minutes
    -Free incoming calls/text anytime
    -Free Fido2Fido && Fido2Rogers
    -Free Evennings (7pm-8am)
    -Free Weekends (Friday 7pm – Monday 8am)
    -Voice Mail
    -Caller ID

    All this for a total of 40$ taxes included.