Verizon Storm pricing revealed? or copied form 8830?

November 11, 2008 | By | 2 Comments

Verizon has a test site known as “testman” which previews different parts of the website before its officially updated online. Well if you take a peak over at the site it seems that they have put the BlackBerry Storm on the site and have all the pricing ready.

Here is a breakdown of what the prices are currently showing on the VZW site. One thing we should note is that even though it says BlackBerry 9530 World Edition at the top the description does talk about the 8830 World Edition and if you look at the pricing for the 8830 its exactly the same.

$219.99 with two year contract
$289.99 with one year contract
$519.99 with no contract / month to month

So this is looking good for a release very very soon. Stay tuned for an official announcement from Big Red aka Verizon soon.


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  • BBSync

    If you look at VZW’s 8830 World Edition. The pricing is exactly the same as listed for the Storm. $219.99 – 70 rebate on two year contract…

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