Missing Sync now supports BlackBerry Storm and Bold

November 26, 2008 | By | 9 Comments

Mac OS X users always seem to get screwed. As you know RIM doesn’t officially have a version of their own Desktop Manager software just yet. The Missing Sync, which is known for their OS X and BlackBerry syncing has just released a new version to support the BlackBerry Bold and Storm. The software itself costs $39.95 USD and is available in volume purchases as well.

Check out Missing Sync for BlackBerry

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  • Nomad9

    Has anyone else tried using Missing Sync with their Blackberry Storm? If you’ve been looking, you’re probibly a Mac user and Verizon and/or Blackberry user. With my old BB, PocketMac worked fine, didn’t transfer any media, but contacts and calendar sync’d fine. With Missing Sync, I was looking for the all in one with multi media syncing as well.  But it has delted my contacts and won’t even recognize calendar. As for photos, videos, and music… well that’s another issue all together.

    Has anyone else cone across these problems or been able to figure out a solution?

  • UK123

    I tried this and it completely fails to work.  it wont delete contacts on the device and every time you touch a contact on the device you get a deletion in the address book after synching.  Plus there are random effects as well.

    The following is from their website. The last paragraph sums it up perfectly.

    Contact Sync Failure: BlackBerry Bold

    Users will note that the sync log will generally not contain errors that reflect a sync failure, or problem. Other symptoms may include the failure of some contacts to sync from the BlackBerry device to the Macintosh, or for duplicate contact data to appear on the BlackBerry device.

    Mark/Space is investigating this matter at this time. Pending resolution, we recommend the following workaround:

    1. In the ADDRESS BOOK application (on the Mac), you should choose FILE>EXPORT>ADDRESS BOOK ARCHIVE. Quit Address Book.

    2. In The Missing Sync, set the contact plugin setting to overwrite on the next sync only.

    3. Perform a sync; the Macintosh will overwrite the data on the device.

    4. Perform another sync. This time the data will not be overwritten. NOTE: you should accept any/all sync changes on the Mac (should any be required), even if the sync will delete most of the contact data on the Macintosh.

    5. In the ADDRESS BOOK application (on the Mac), you should choose FILE>IMPORT>ADDRESS BOOK ARCHIVE. Select the backup file that you created in step 1. Quit the Address Book application.

    6. Open The Missing Sync, and set the CONTACT plugin to OVERWRITE on the next sync only; perform the overwrite sync.

    Normal, reliable syncing performance should be restored, following the procedure described above.

    IMPORTANT: This performance issue may resurface following any contact data being edited or added directly on the BlackBerry device. Mark/Space recommends that users add or edit contact information only on the Macintosh, pending a permanent, comprehensive solution to this issue.

  • majord04

    How does something receive four mice if the performance is this poor?

  • kevin

    i have a macbook pro with safari, bought a bb bold a month ago….why they just dont include a cd for transfer between phone and puter i dont know. anyways bought a missing sync from mark space….it doesnt allow for transfer of photos from bold to mac….they have failed to resolve the issue despite a few mails….i also bought a missing sync as a gift for a friend, he has a nokia of sorts….he just wanted to transfer some photos from his phone….at this stage the miising syns are a waste of time and money…..

  • Michael

    Alas it works. Missing sync and storm thanks to the technical help on the Missing Sync website. I could not get the first sync using the USB cable. It required enabling the Mass Storage device and the website gives step by step instructions along with diagrams. it was brilliant. Now i am sync by blue tooth – itunes, calender, tasks. It’s a little slow but better than the google solutions i saw being advocated by some.

  • Chas

    Missing Sync 2.0 does NOT work properly with the BBerry Bold. Don’t own a Storm so can’t comment. But I’ve spent hours going back and forth with support for MissingSync and the hard reality is that it’s just glitchy. Wish I could list the problems and screwy oddities, but my life won’t last that long. Missing Sync 1.0 worked fine — better than fine, in fact — but MS 2.0 is not ready for primetime. And they won’t give you your money back when you finally figure out that it doesn’t work properly.

    Has anyone downloaded and tried the new BBerry Desktop Manager for Mac?

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