Canadians will the Storm really be nearly $300 w/ 3YR?

November 27, 2008 | By | 8 Comments

Rumors have arrived that both TELUS and Bell in Canada will be selling the BlackBerry Storm for around $299 with a three year term. Bell is said to be offering their Storm for $479-200 (data and voice discount) so $279 with three year term. With Verizon’s Storm coming in at $199.99 with two year term. Does anyone think that Canadians will really buy the Storm at nearly $300 with a three year term?

I think we will have to wait and see what they do officially…

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  • Chris in Edmonton

    Now is the time to start the outrage people. If we could force Rogers to sell the iPhone with semi-reasonable data plans we can get Bell and Telus to smarten up.

  • DaFD

    Normally I’d wait a few months for the price to come down and for the major bugs to be fixed, but I want to get the Student Plan from TELUS (or Bell if they offer it until Dec 31), so alas I will pay the price. One thing that I will be happy about is that 3+ 1/2 years down the road when I upgrade to the latest BB, I will still fight for my Student plan and TELUS can’t do anything about it.

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