It costs $169.41 to build a BlackBerry Bold…

October 16, 2008 | By | 3 Comments

A recent report done by research firm iSuppli shows that it costs RIM $169.41 to build each BlackBerry Bold. That’s quite a nice markup considering it costs $649.99 CAD with no contract from Rogers. The report says that materials for the Bold cost $158.16 and assembly and testing cost $11.25 bringing the total to $169.41. Another interesting fact is that the BlackBerry Curve only costs RIM $103.00 in materials. Gee I wonder how much the Pearl costs?

[Via BBNews / Source]

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  • George

    Yes it might only cost $169.41 to build the phone but what about all the R&D that went into and the marketing for that matter. You have to factor all of that to get an accurate assessment of what the phone truely costs RIM to make.

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