3 BlackBerry Storm Commericals!!

October 7, 2008 | By | Add a Comment

The Storm is getting so close we can almost feel it. Here are three BlackBerry Storm videos two of which are for Verizon Wireless and the other is for Vodafone. Canadians aren’t feeling the love just yet :-( Click on over to check these all out. I must warn you these will cause you to fall in love a little more…

Here is the first commercial courtesy of BGR. This one is real people, not actors that Verizon paid the people $20 bucks to test it out.

Next up is Vodafone’s new BlackBerry Storm 9500 commercial (from BGR):


Last but not least is a lower quailty one. This video was on CBS and it’s for Verizon’s Storm 9530 (via BBNews):


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