In-depth look at Elecite’s new premium themes

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Just the other day we told you about eVeek’s new premium theme site called Elecite. Well they gave us a few other their new themes to test out and see what we thought. If your looking for a great design theme with sharp and precise images you can’t go wrong. Elecite’s graphics are probally the best I’ve seen for OS 4.5 yet. Prices currently are marked just under $7 each, which isn’t too bad when you consider the work they have put into these themes plus the flexibility they offering by customizing the theme to what you want.

Check out the themes we test “Lucid” and “Blingin”

Lucid by Elecite – $6.99 USD (Product Site)

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When I first visited Elecite this was the first theme to catch my attention. Sometime about the neon colors really made me want it. After installing the theme on my Curve I was wondering if the theme was going to be too dark, however after using it for a day it really caught on.

Lucid is available for any BlackBerry smartphone running OS 4.5. If you don’t have OS 4.5 you can find details here.

Blingin by Elecite – $6.99 USD (Product Site)

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As soon as I opened the page for this theme I thought of a golden motorbike. This theme features a carbon fiber like background with a golden wing like design at the top. Again Elecite’s graphic design is second to none. You will notice the detail once you install this theme on your device, as the screenshots don’t do the justice.

Just like Lucid and all of their themes, Blingin is available for any BlackBerry smartphone running OS 4.5. If you don’t have 4.5 and would like details here.

Our Overall Conclusion & Rating: eVeek has been providing many great themes for a year now. With the launch of their new Elecite brand the quality just doesn’t stop. It surpasses. I highly recommend you check out these themes over at and see what I’m talking about.


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