AT&T’s Bold: Get Ready, Get Set, Order! Coming Sept. 24th?

September 6, 2008 | By | 5 Comments
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More updates have come in about AT&T’s BlackBerry Bold release. Looks like ordering will start for AT&T dealers on September 24th and then be available for sale October 2 or so (according to Boy Genius). Apparently all AT&T staff has been sent an email stating “AT&T is pleased to announce the launch of the new Blackberry Bold. It will be available to order on September 24, 2008.”

So any luck at all and you guys will be able to get your hands on a Bold early next month!

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  • Fred

    I sure do hope this true….
    If so, a lot of people will be happy

  • Christopher Williams

    Damn I live in Alaska So the Chances of Getting Any up here is Slim HOPEFULLY we Will get some.

  • frank

    well its about fucking time

  • Drew

    You can buy the unlocked blackberry bold right now same day shipping available. has it in stock they are friendly and fast.

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