AT&T’s BlackBerry Bold delayed until November?

September 18, 2008 | By | 6 Comments

Honestly I really hope not, but the latest report in from a leaked AT&T document shows the BlackBerry Bold ETA is November now. Other news from AT&T on this report shows the new dark blue Curve 8320 will be launching on October 21st, Pink Pearl launches October 2nd, and the Burnt Orange model has be delayed until 2009.

I should point out as well that Boy Genius clearly says he is sticking firm to the October 2nd release date. So Keep checking back for the latest BlackBerry Bold in the United States updates…


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  • Drew

    You can buy the unlocked blackberry bold right now same day shipping available. has it in stock they are friendly and fast.

  • Cell Phone Nut

    The Blackberry Bold wil be here before the end of October is my guess. Plenty of places to get the Bold Now.

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