AT&T: Why iPhone is better than Storm

September 24, 2008 | By | 13 Comments

AT&T must be feeling a little heat from Verizon’s announcement of the first touch screen BlackBerry “Storm”. AT&T has released an internal document that outlines what the iPhone does that the Storm doesn’t. Here’s why they say the iPhone is so much better than the Storm:

– The iPhone uses multi-touch technology / Storm uses haptic feedback technology
– iPhone was Wi-Fi / Storm doesn’t
– iPhone has an app store / Storm doesn’t (maybe coming soon?)
– iPhone syncs with iTunes / Storm will be able too but not as well?
– iPhone users Safari for browsing / Storm uses RIM’s browser
– iPhone is GSM/3G / Storm is CDMA/GSM/Dual band HSDPA

Check out the full release below


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  • daniel

    Awwww Poor att still trying to make there pyle of crap look good will it will never be good ” A Phone is as only good as its network” You dont need wifi when ur on americas largest 3g network and the fastest att network blows chunks

  • DaFD

    Only eight Points?
    and most are debateable?

    – The iPhone uses multi-touch technology / Storm uses haptic feedback technology
    MultiTouch= Multiple simultaneous inputs with gestures; Storm haz that, alongside the haptics.
    – iPhone was Wi-Fi / Storm doesn’t
    Wiht EVDO coverage everywhere in NNA and HSDPA everywhere else; it’s not as neccissary as the EVDO network in North America ACTUALLY WORKS!!!!. the pure GSM Storm has WiFi, but AT&T will be getting that one, or more likely T-Mobile.
    – iPhone has an app store / Storm doesn’t (maybe coming soon?)
    obtaining Blackberry applications are not restricted to an Apps Store that uses a seemingly arbitrary system of accepting apps that seems to not take account for bugginess of apps; just GUI, so you can theoretically whip up a little applet that you need for something without having to go to an app store, and make certain apps private for only specific people.
    – iPhone syncs with iTunes / Storm will be able too but not as well?
    cannot argue with this one, except that you can use MediaSync on windows and Missing Sync for Mac until the official Desktop Manager is ported
    – iPhone users Safari for browsing / Storm uses RIM’s browser
    RIM’s browser is WbKit, which is what Safari, alongside Nokia and Android’s browsers use. differences may be noticable, but not significant.
    – iPhone is GSM/3G / Storm is CDMA/GSM/Dual band HSDPA
    Storm 9530 is CDMA all bands/W EVDO RevA (3.1MB/s) and European bands GSM EDGE and HSDPA, and the 9500 is all bands GSM EDGE HSDPA (appx. 7MB/s – good luck getting that on AT&T)
    -GPS with Maps
    Both the 9530and the 9500, alongside other models, have GPS or aGPS (assisted GPS – uses a land based signal to get a more accurate location faster), and the Blackberry Maps is excellent, with automatic correcting in the case that you took a wrong turn (which the iPhone does not do)
    -HTML email
    with Blackberry OS 4.5 or later (the Storm is OS 4.7), devices are capable of rendering HTML email.
    -Overall ease of use
    that last one differs from person to person. Me, i like that I can do virtually everything in one or two clicks, instead of like five swipes and presses on the iPhone.

  • iamjoel5

    couldnt have been put better.

  • jeff J

    Iphone is better!! U can have third party apps if you feel you need them, blackberry doesn’t have that open source capability… The BB storm is a nice phone, but if you want a phone that you can have endless possibilities get the Iphone.

  • evbart

    Seems like this one was poorly researched before posting.

    The wifi is the only factor I’m a bit concerned about, but I’ve heard so many good things about verizon’s network, I’m hoping it’ll offset the lack of wifi.

    As for Jeff J, the apple app store is about the farthest thing from open source that you can find, and thats been one of its single biggest complaints against it. Apple has total control over which apps are accessible on the app store, and they’ve been far from transparent on the process by which they choose apps.

    Blackberry on the other hand, will have an app store, and you can pretty much download a blackberry app from anywhere. You don’t have to “hack” or jailbreak your phone just to put your favorite apps on it.

  • Szeb

    daniel uhh att is way better verizon may have the largest 3G network But at&t’s is the Fastest 3G network so verizon blows chunks!!

  • The truth

    iphone is way better in many ways, and at&t has way cheaper monthly packages than over rated verizon!!!

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  • Chris

    iLove my iPhone! XD

    The iPhone is way more fun. If you’re looking for entertainment, the iPhone is the way to go. If you’re looking for better features, you might like the Storm. I jailbroke my iPhone, so the only thing I’m missing out on that I’d really like to have is MMS. I can send pics with a few apps in the App Store, but I still can’t receive them.

  • DaFD

    @Chris: Yeah I definitely agree with the better features part. Video recording, 3.2mp camera, video and image SMS, and not to mention Instant Messaging (not SMS) clients that run while you’re browsing the web or in a different app.

  • obbergton

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