Vodafone’s BlackBerry Bold delayed until September now?

August 1, 2008 | By | 4 Comments

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Word on the streets is that Vodafone’s BlackBerry Bold might not be launching for another month. This would mean the Bold has been pushed back at least two or three times now. We aren’t too sure what to say honestly… Let’s hope AT&T and Rogers stay on track for sometime this month and Vodafone please no longer than September 1st… In the mean time keep an eye on Vodafone’s website for updates.

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  • mike

    Rumour I have from a ATT insider, The Bold will Release Sept 1st for ATT

  • Timi

    Contrary to internal report. Blackberry bold is scheduled for testing all the way till October. But then again they are running an spiff saying that if you sell more than 25bb you could win a bold and it will be delievered at the end of Sept. So who to believe?

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