Pocket Mac gets upgraded; Mac users happy again…

August 14, 2008 | By | 33 Comments

As a Mac user I never was happy with the options for syncing my BlackBerry and Mac together. I always wanted RIM just to design a Desktop Manager like they have for Windows for Mac. Well I went over to the BlackBerry site today to discover that a new version of Pocket Mac (4.1.25) was released on August 14th. This new version brings great new features like iTunes syncing and support for newer BlackBerry smartphones.

Click to download the new verison of Pocket Mac

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  • http://www.cowlesknives.com Don Cowles

    I still am unable to sync. I get this “Warning” message about the time the sync should be completed: [09:35:30.027] Unable to connect to BlackBerry (error 1); skipping.

    …and that’s that.

  • peter

    I get the same comment, “unable to connect to Blackberry (error 1); skipping”…  I followed the directions to update the driver, but still no joy…  I can also connect the pearl (8110) to the macbook via bluetooth, and can send the BB’s address book to the mac, but I can’t “sync”.  Any help would be appreciated!

  • john

    ive got the exact same problem with a new blackberry storm – have tried all tech help and no joy. Any suggestions or advice out there. ta

  • tenchis

    unable to sync my storm. unable to read my blackberry via usb.  help me!

  • Kevin

    Got for christmas, does not SYNC the storm, You need to download the update to the program and i still cant get it to work.

  • Adriana

    same here… new blackberry bold and I’m unable to sync it, I’ve done everything the blackberry support pages suggests and nothing. 

  • mopete

    same here….  new blackberry storm.  I am unable to sync it with the mac.  Read the tech notes and forums,  followed all suggestions step by step  still can’t get it to work.

  • Jason B

    Yes. Christnas present that has been nothing but frustration. Verizon will not support the phone for mac. I think I will bring it back and get an IPhone….

  • DB

    I’ve got a bold and have been pulling my hair out trying to get my contacts sync’d … i just found this recommendation: 
    “if you sync wirelessly with a BES BlackBerry Enterprise Wireless server, you must disable the wireless sync on the BlackBerry when syncing with the Mac. To disable wireless synchronization, go to the specific application (Address Book, Calendar, Tasks, or Memos), then choose Options > Wireless Synchronization, and set it to “No.” You then have to “Save” the setting. If you plan to sync with the BES server later you need to follow the above steps and choose “Yes” for the Wireless Synchronization option for each application.” 
    once i changed the wireless sync to no it worked fine … hope this helps

  • April

    I have absolutely nothing good to say about blackberry and mac syncing. I’m completely ANNOYED!

  • BS

    I also can’t get Sync to work on my 8830 and MacBook. The Blackberry sync either skips at the beginning or gets halfway and hangs. Blackberry Sync program is a total joke — it’s hard to understand why they can’t make something stable on the world’s most stable consumer computer platform!

  • Mau MX

    Got a Bold and can ton sync with my Macbook, any solution that you have found??

  • Mau MX

    HEEEELP can not sync my bold with macbook!

  • amrish

    To resolve this issue, open the Extensions folder by going to HD > System > Library > Extensions and delete the following files: BlackBerryUSB.kext & BlackBerryUSBDev.kext Make sure to restart the computer and install the PocketMac Driver update again after deleting these files. If you are using a BlackBerry® Storm® smartphone, and are experiencing issues with connectivity after applying the PocketMac 4.1.25 Driver update, perform the following: On the BlackBerry smartphone, navigate to the Options icon. In the Options menu, select Memory. Set the Media Transfer Protocol (MTP) option to Off. Set the Auto Enable Mass Storage Mode When Connected option to either Yes or Prompt. Save these changes. Remove the battery from the BlackBerry smartphone, and allow the BlackBerry smartphone to return to the home screen. Connect the BlackBerry smartphone to the Mac, and open the PocketMac. The BlackBerry smartphone should now connect successfully to the PocketMac Sync Manager Software. 

  • Dan

    Amrish that is the same solution that was found on the Blackberry website. It’s no good here. I was able to sync the BB Curve ONE time. I have since FULLY (and I mean completely, with ALL files) removed the application. I reinstalled it, then installed the update before starting. So far I have spent about ten hours on this, constantly installing, uninstalling, restarting, in every possible combination. No luck. NONE. This is pathetic. All I want is my contacts onto my Blackberry. I could care less about anything else. I’m about ready to buy “The Missing Sync” as I’ve heard it is good.

  • Ron

    Just as a heads up — to this day, there is no method (including Missing Sync) that works in syncing your Blackberry Bold or Storm with a Mac — Missing Sync’s most recent update still erases contacts on the desktop, and there is no viable solution. There are some inelegant workarounds, but most users report it does not work.

    For the time being, there IS no way to sync your Bold or Storm with a mac portable of any kind.

  • Corey

    Ron, r u kidding me? what about all the people around the web that say by doing… it “works great” right now PocketMac w/ USB update wont recognize my phone. any other advise ?

  • Eve

    I know, it sucks, you’d think there would be a straight forwards solution but I’m guessing that would affect iphone sales too much!

  • Cecil

    I am a PC user who recently bought a Mac. I have tried repeatedly to sync with Blackberry Bold, and after the first few times which seemed to work fin, it will no longer sync and terminates, usually about the time you think it is finished or should be. Nothing seems to work. Hitting “relaunch” does nothing.

  • JocelynBH

    A day later, and trying all the above suggestions and still no joy in transferring something as essential (and simple) as an address book. I wish I’d switched mobile phone servers and got an i-phone.
    If anyone can shed more light on the Storm/Mac sync debacle it would be greatly appreciated.

  • Sachin

    I think i’m gonna cry! I love my Bold and I love my MacBook! Why can’t RIM or Apple…two very respectable software developers find something that works!!! I tried sync with Entourage and IMail/ICal etc…..no joy!

  • Tsays

    I have had all the same problems you have had. Here’s my work around, bare with me, because it is painful.

    1) I installed VMware on my Mac; this allows me to basically run a Windows computer virtually – it doesn’t take up much space. (if you have any windows based machine, then you can just follow steps 2-4)
    2) I sync my BB using windows based desktop software to Outlook.
    3) I sync Outlook to Plaxo
    4) I sync Mac Mail to Plaxo

    I have to manually connect to my VM Ware Windows machine to update my BB, but at least I can do it.

    I too wish RIM would just build a Mac program. I really don’t want an Iphone (still not totally drinking the Apple juice) and I have gotten used to my Mac.

  • Rend

    I am using OS X Leopard
    I am trying to snyc it but failed all the time.

    Here’s the error message:

    [01:31:16.510] Unable to connect to BlackBerry (error 4); skipping.

    is there anyway to solve this problem?

  • WTF

    This is a joke. I was just transfered from Verizon to the MAC team and then back again.. Not having any fun! I have tried the suggestions above with no luck.

  • Tim

    Does anyone know if the sync at least works
    with older models like the Curve 8300?

  • Linda

    I am receiving the same error however this is for the brand new Blackberry Tour! This should not be a difficult process!!! I love Verizon service but I should have went for an iPhone.

  • http://www.moissanite.in niraj

    It sucks.. the black berry support cant do anything..

    I can not transfer media/documents from the mac on the blackberry.

    However to sync the contacts.. You can download google sync. It will send the contacts to the gmail account & when you run google sync from your blackberry. It puts the contacts & calender on to the blackberry. Hope this helps.

    It literally takes a piss.. No1 has suport..

  • Greg Bojko

    I had a few Treos for the last 5 years or so. The sync was SO easy and flawless every time. I have had a BlackBerry tour for 3 weeks and it SUCKS when it comes to syncing. Anyone want to buy it? Its worth about 30 cents to me. If you have not already been a sucker and bought a BlackBerry, do NOT do it. Not if you need to be able to sync calendar items, etc. anyway. What a horrible product.

  • Rob Kaz

    The blackberry software to sync with mac (not pocketmac) “The Blackberry Desktop Manager for Mac” sucks bigtime! The notes don’t sync with sticky notes (and no option to select/change)….
    The sync is slow (everytime, not just first time) and the conflict resolution sucks even more!

    Avoid the blackberry…my next phone is an iPhone, no matter what blackberry does…. They won’t improve until they are almost out of business (like Palm)…

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