BlackBerry Bold goes up against Nokia E71

August 12, 2008 | By | 1 Comment

Boy Genius has taken the BlackBerry Bold for a spin many times before. This time he is running the Bold 9000 up against Nokia’s E71 Symbian smartphone. BG’s conclusion is the best part of the whole review because of one line “…the BlackBerry Bold smokes the E71 out of the water in so many ways…” anyways check out his full review.

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“It’s a little hard to put this but… we absolutely loved the Nokia E71. It was the best S60 we’d ever used. And it still is, some would argue. There is no doubt it is the finest QWERTY device Nokia has made. Don’t bring up the E90, ok? Even though we had used a Bold prior to our Nokia E71 first review, it wasn’t until we had both devices together that we really had our mind change. This is a personal opinion here, but the BlackBerry Bold smokes the E71 out of the water in so many ways. The E71 is fine as a personal communication device, but once you enter into the realm of corporate email, or even small business, for that matter, the Bold is the reigning king, and will stay that way for a pretty long time.”

Check out BGR’s review of them both

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