Touchscreen BlackBerry Thunder to feature Haptic Technology

July 9, 2008 | By | 10 Comments

To continue on with our BlackBerry Thunder coverage, Kevin from CrackBerry got some details on the Thunder's new touch screen keyboard. Apparently the Thunder will sport "Haptic Technology" meaning when the display is pressed the screen moves in a tiny bit to give you a real feedback feeling. Apparently every time the keyboard is pressed you will feel a buzz to let you know its been pressed.

One of the best parts is the Thunder will feature both SureType and a full QWERTY keyboard. So when the Thunder is upright it will use a SureType keyboard (think Pearl) and when its sideways a full QWERTY keyboard.

RIM has always known to come out with some of the best keyboard's for smartphones. Let's just hope they do the same for touchscreen smartphones. By the sounds of it they have something really cool in store. Click on over for some more details and a video of Haptic Technology…

You can read more of Haptic Technology on Wikipedia. Here is a video of Haptic Technology in action of a Samsung smartphone:


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