iDEN BlackBerry Curve for Nextel?

July 1, 2008 | By | 3 Comments

Just when everyone thought iDEN was close to death maybe just maybe RIM will save them. Jibi is reporting that RIM will be modeling this new iDEN model the BlackBerry Curve 8350. Lots of reports have been floating around that Sprint-Nextel would be launching the iDEN Curve either late 2008 or early 2009 and that it would be packing Wi-Fi. For now we will just hope this news is true… 

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  • tom davis

    please call me on my nextel phone 606-232–0477

  • jenn

    I am having problems with my text messages on this phone…. I have to turn off the phone everytime I want to get a message. it worked for the 1st day i took it to the sprint store and the customer rep temporarily fixed it but it worked for a day. i took it back today and the same guy couldnt tell me what he did or he couldnt do it again… any comments on what to do

  • x

    jenn, you’re not alone. the whole taking the battery out doesn’t even work on mine. they can’t say when or if it’ll be fixed. i’m just ready to trade it at this point. sucks as it’s a good phone otherwise.