BlackBerry OS 4.5 Official Roll Out starting today…

July 25, 2008 | By | 2 Comments

Apparently RIM has confirmed that the official roll out for OS 4.5 will start today. This news comes directly from a RIM spokesperson at a BlackBerry seminar. He says that OS 4.5 will start to release on all carriers World Wide within the next two weeks or so. This is truly great news for anyone who is still using a buggy beta version of 4.5, such as myself.

[Source – BerryReview]

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  • Janko

    Could you tell us to which bugs you are refering to? I heard of them, too – but until now noone really could tell me what´s wrong with this 4.5 beta.

  • bbSync

    You will notice small bugs in beta copies… When we used a beta version for the 8330 we weren’t able to copy and paste. There is just a few small things that should be fixed with an official release.