Free unique “U” theme for BlackBerry Curve and 8800 users!

June 16, 2008 | By | 11 Comments

The folks over at BerryReview just pointed this hot new theme out. It's similar to the Bold theme only in an extended "L" version. The "U" theme features 15 shortcut icons right on your main display. It's a free theme and can be downloaded OTA here.

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  • javatyger

    I don’t agree – it’s a nice theme. But definitely not the coolist – I run a 8330/, and you cannot change the default icons. They may be good for some, but I need certain ones on my short menu.
    No thanks. Already uninstalled.

  • bbSync

    Ok I agree after playing with a little more its neat but your write I don’t agree with the title either…

    Let’s fix that up.

  • Mothy

    I created this theme and would appreciate a link back to the thread and not to the OTA. Also you are not given credit to the theme creator. So please either give the credit or remove this link!

  • alendGemtielm

    well done, brother

  • afret97

    how do I use this .jad file with desktop manager?

  • goblue73

    How can I get this U theme on my Curve 8330?

  • Eric

    where is the link to download this? I have a curve and could use this theme (U) but i dont see a download link on this page anywhere

  • Keith.rj

    This is closer to the worst custom theme. Why would I want 15 icons when I only use a few of them?
    Has anyone found a “U” theme that uses curve icons and is customizable?

  • emma melton

    Please could you do a pretty pink theme for the blackberry curve s520 please

  • Ngochai


  • sya

    wow,, beauty theme blackberry hehhee
    thanks 4 share it :)