Documents to Go introduces Premium Edition

June 25, 2008 | By | 3 Comments

Jason from DataViz, creator of Documents to Go has informed me that they have released a new Premium Edition. The new Premium Edition builds new features on top of the standard edition which can be found on most OS 4.5 BlackBerry smartphones.

New features for premium edition include:

  • Create new Word, Excel and PowerPoint files
  • Spell checking for word processing files
  • Advanced character/font formatting
  • Advanced paragraph formatting
  • Insert and delete tables for word processing files
  • Insert and edit auto bullets & numbers in word processing files
  • Sorting in spreadsheets
  • Apply cell formatting in spreadsheets
  • Insert and delete worksheets
  • Insert, duplicate and delete slides in presentations
  • And much more

You can purchase Documents to Go Premium Edition for only $69.99 USD or get a free 30 day trial from their site ( your still not convinced read the break down of Standard vs. Premium Edition here

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  • txaggiechik

      Just an FYI, while this is a great product it DOES NOT actively sync on Blackberry phones.  You must physically load your documents onto your device using the Device Manager each time you make a change to the document, no bi-directional sync!!
      I like Docs to Go but this is a croc for Blackberry users!  Why should you be able to sync on a Palm based device but not the Blackberry??  Dataviz needs to address this issue and put out a patch or something.  Manually loading documents totally defeats to purpose of syncing a device.

  • Arnie Spitzmacher

    I totally agree with txaggiechik.

    Does anybody know if Dataviz is working on a solution for actual syncing of documents to the BlackBerry?

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