Quick Warning after playing with BlackBerry Unite!

May 9, 2008 | By | 4 Comments

I was up until pretty much 2 o'clock this morning playing with this new software. Turns out you don't have to be a Bell customer to use the software (you simply just have to live in Canada to download it. I managed to test the software out on my non-Bell line last night. The idea behind the software is very neat. The content sharing and syncing is similar to a BES. One of my favorite parts is like a BES you can restrict what users do. I have my phone completely blocked down so I couldn't receive incoming calls or use any third party applications. NOW WARNING! If you install this application MAKE SURE YOU DO A BACKUP OF YOUR DEVICE as you will have to do a hard reset to remove the Unite! software from your device when finished (unless you want to keep it on?). It works just like a BES server and locks your security IT polices in place until reseted.

Don't know what BlackBerry Unite! is? Click Here.

UPDATE: Looks like a hard reset doesn't remove the IT polices either. Click here for details on how to remove it. 

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  • WHIZZard

    A hard reset doesn’t erase the device, so a backup isn’t mandatory… but is advised none the less.

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