Guitar Hero for BlackBerry… Good or bad idea?

April 7, 2008 | By | 10 Comments

So I’m not sure if you’ve had a chance to play the new Guitar Hero for BlackBerry yet. But at $14.99 its a little pricey. Do you think having Guitar Hero on your BlackBerry is a good idea or bad idea? I had a chance to play it quickly and it was okay but I suck at the game but I thought it came in handy when I was really bored… Anyways what do you think?

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  • d_fisher

    Poll doesnt work. Ever time I try to submit I get a popup box stating ‘Please choose a valid poll answer’.

  • d_fisher

    Correction. Embedded poll within post doesnt work. The Poll of the Week on th eleft side does.

  • bbSync

    Thanks seems to be an error with the new upgrade we did… waiting for a fix.

    In the mean time answer the poll on the left sidebar.


  • Bart

    I think the price is too high but reading into it I see that its 14.99 for the subscription version which gives you access to 3 new songs every month. The non subscription version is only 4.99 for the initial 15 tracks, which is a good price.

    Assuming you will get 3 tracks a month for at least one year, this is not a bad deal.

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