Review: BodyGuardz for BlackBerry Pearl 8110/8120/8130

February 27, 2008 | By | 3 Comments

Pearl with BodyGuardz

BodyGuardz are a virtually clear and provide scratch protection from outside elements such as keys, change or even a light drop. In the past we have checked out other similar products and never had much luck with them but how will BodyGuardz stack up?? Read on for the review.

The BodyGuardz do take a bit of practice to get it installed but it does come with instructions as well a video is available. Each BodyGuardz kit includes 2 protective skins along with an application solution (which you apply to your hands and the skin itself). One you get the skin all lined up it will dry and fully protect your device from any light scratches. These skins are great if you want to protect your phone while throwing it in your pocket or purse.

As we mentioned you in every kit you get 2 complete BodyGuardz along with the application solution plus a squeegee card and Application Instructions.
Here is a video on how to install the BodyGuardz:

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Full BodyGuardz kits can be purchased for only $24.95 USD w/ free shipping to anywheres in the USA from


  • Great for people who don’t like cases
  • Thin and protective
  • 2 kits included for great price


  • Requires patients to install

In conclusion the BodyGuardz are nice if you don’t like cases or simply just want additional protection for your berry. All we recommend is your give them some time to install as they can be tricky. BodyGuardz offers full protection kits or just screen protectors for most BlackBerry smartphones (along with tons of othe devices) which can be found on their site.

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  • mac jensen

    I use the invisibleSHIELD on my Blackberry! Not only does it install easier but it is far less prone to getting scratched than the bodieguardz. I know this because I started with the BGZ and had to replace it after it got all scratched up. A friend/ of mine recommended the iS and that’s what I’m doing here!

  • jm

    the install on bodyguardz is NOT hard at all. It is a superior product to ALL cases because:

    1. It does not increase the size of the device.
    2. It is optically clear so the beauty of the device shines through
    3. If you buy a case of any kind, there is the possibility of debris getting stuck between the case and the device, scratching it without you knowing until you take the case off. bodyguards offer complete protection from this in that they are applied directly to the device. I had an ipod with hard, clear case and thought it was protected, only to find lots of scratches on the easily-scratchable shiny side when i removed it from its “protective” case.
    4. Buy bodyguardz for all your devices. So very worth it. And, no, i am not an employee of bodyguards, just want to compliment them on a fine product.
    5. It’s spelled “patience”, not patients.

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