HA! RIM is working on a touch screen Berry!

February 8, 2008 | By | Add a Comment

Check this out! Looks like the rumors of RIM working on a touch screen BlackBerry is actually true. The Proof? RIM has filed a patent called “SYSTEM AND METHOD OF INTEGRATING A TOUCHSCREEN WITHIN AN LCD”. Thankfully ZDnet was able to find the patent. Here’s what they had to say about the patent:

A touchscreen liquid crystal display, method for using a liquid crystal display as a user input, and a mobile electronic device are provided. The touchscreen liquid crystal display comprises: a liquid crystal display having a viewing surface and including a plurality of parallel first electrodes located on one side of a liquid crystal containing area and overlapping with a plurality of parallel second electrodes located on an opposite side of the liquid crystal containing area, the first and second electrodes overlapping to form an array of liquid crystal pixel elements, at least some of the first electrodes being displaceable towards the second electrodes in response to external pressure applied to the viewing surface; a driver circuit coupled to the first and second electrodes for driving the electrodes for selectively controlling a display state of the display pixel elements; and a measurement circuit coupled to the electrodes for measuring display pixel element voltages for at least some of the display pixel elements formed by the first electrode, and for each display pixel element for which a display pixel element voltage is measured, comparing the measured voltages to reference voltages and determining a relative force of the external pressure on the viewing surface based on the measured voltages.

Check out the whole patent filing here.

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