Random Password Generator released from S4BB

January 31, 2008 | By | 1 Comment

RandomPasswordGeneratorS4BB has released a Random Password Generator for your BlackBerry smartphone. This software simply creates a random password for you to help protect your data. All you do is simply copy and paste where needed. This software costs only $9.95 USD.

This software can be purchased at any of the following:



Short and too easy passwords for confidential data or applications are a real security risk as those passwords make it easy to attackers to crack your password and get access to your confidential data. RandomPasswordGenerator helps you protect your confidental data by creating secure passwords. Just to copy and paste it to the place where this password is needed.

How to generate a password

» Open the application and enter the amount of characters to set the length of your password (if you don’t like the default value).

» Click the “GENERATE” button or the “Generate Password” item at the menu.

» Select “Copy” at the menu and paste the password into a different application on your BlackBerry.

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