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Is this the BlackBerry 9000?

December 31, 2007 | By | 2 Comments

Could it be? Did someone get their hands on a BlackBerry 9000 pre-production model? According to a post over at BlackBerry Forums it could infact one of the 9000 series. It appears its in cased in an aluminum body might not sport a touch screen however a new style QWERTY keyboard (not the angular one). […]

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Tips n’ Tricks: Not able to read your Facebook messages?

December 27, 2007 | By | Add a Comment

This comes from a reader who recently got a BlackBerry Pearl 8130 from Telus. They had the Facebook application installed on their BlackBerry and were able to send messages, pokes and wall posts however not able to read them. The Facebook mobile alerts were enabled however still no luck.  The simple solution: In order to […]

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Pearl, Curve and 8800 to get custom paint jobs

December 25, 2007 | By | 4 Comments

Colorware is known for their custom electronic coloring such as Danger's Sidekick devices and Apple's iPhone. Well starting December 31st Colorware is getting into the BlackBerry game and will be offering the Pearl, Curve and 8800 series. Just think you can get a custom whatever color you want BlackBerry. Check out for details. 

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Did you get a BlackBerry for Christmas?

December 24, 2007 | By | Add a Comment

With so many great deals out there on BlackBerry's this Holiday season did you manage to get one for yourself for Christmas?  [poll=5] 

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Happy Holidays from us to you!

December 24, 2007 | By | 1 Comment

I would look to take this time to wish all readers and contributors of BlackBerry Sync a Merry Christmas or Seasons Greetings. We look forward to hoping back on the news train at full pace once Christmas is over with. Stay tuned of course for all the latest BlackBerry updates right here.  Seasons Greetings from […]

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RIM announces third qurater earnings

December 20, 2007 | By | Add a Comment

BlackBerry creator, Research In Motion (RIM) has announced their Q3 earnings which we're fairly impressive. RIM has brought their revenue up 22% bringing it to $1.67 Billion dollars from $1.37 Billion. RIM's revenue was based on approximately 80% for devices, 14% for service, 4% for software and 2% for other revenue. They joined approximately 1.65 […]

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SunCom launches BlackBerry Pearl 2 (8120) with Wi-Fi

December 19, 2007 | By | Add a Comment

T-Mobile's new little purchased SunCom Wireless has just launched the Wi-Fi sporting BlackBerry Pearl 8120. Yes that's right even before T-Mobile. SunCom's got this hot new Pearl for $219.99 with contract or $399.99 with no contract. For details visit

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RIM patents angular keyboard for new berry? hmmm

December 14, 2007 | By | 2 Comments

Who knows who RIM will fit this one in or if they ever will but they have just filled a new patent for a angled keyboard. The patent is called " Angular Keyboard for a Handheld Mobile Communications Device" and basically its exactly what it sounds like. With all the reports of an upcoming touch […]

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Sync your Google Calendar with your Berry

December 12, 2007 | By | 5 Comments

You've gotta love Google. They have just launched an application to sync your BlackBerry with Google Calendar. Check out Google Sync by pointing your BlackBerry to and login to your Google Account. Once you click sync now it automatically downloads your appointments right into your Berry calendar. Get the full details over at Google.  […]

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Pearl and Curve OtterBox cases have landed

December 11, 2007 | By | 3 Comments

We announced earlier last month that OtterBox, one of our favorite BlackBerry cases has just launched new cases for the Pearl and Curve. Well the good news is we have received them and will be posting a review shortly. As always the OtterBox cases right perfectly and feature protection from dust, dirt and dropping.  The […]

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Canada take your pick $0 Pearl at Bell or Telus

December 9, 2007 | By | 2 Comments

Here's a quick tip for you if your in Canada and looking at getting a BlackBerry this holiday season! Both Telus and Bell are offering the new BlackBerry Pearl 8130 (next generation Pearl) for $0 with three year term. But if you choose Telus and and get a voice of at least $30 a month […]

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RIM puts all Instant Messengers in one site

December 9, 2007 | By | 2 Comments

RIM has launched a mobile site for all their instant messaging applications available. This does not include third-party applications just ones officially put out by RIM such as: AOL Instant Messenger Windoes Live Messenger ICQ Yahoo! Messenger Google Talk You can download them right on your BlackBerry by pointing your device's browser to  [RIMarkable] 

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