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Starry nights app

If your a Mac OS X user you may recognize this widget which is now a BlackBerry application. Starry Night is now available for your BlackBerry device. Starry Night brings you Astronomy right to your BlackBerry device allowing you check the stars. For more information and to downloading visit Press read more for the official press release. 

Carry the Sky in Your Pocket with the World’s Leading Astronomy Software

Imaginova® Corp., a leading science and technology digital media and commerce company, announced today that its Starry Night® Mobile Sky Chart can now be viewed as a web application on the iPhone and iPod touch, and downloaded onto BlackBerry mobile devices.  Sky-gazers and astronomy buffs can keep up with celestial wonders no matter where their travels take them using mobile technology optimized for these popular handheld devices.

The Starry Night Mobile Sky Chart allows users to view the sky from any location on Earth at any date spanning ten years in the past and future.  Observation locations are determined by entering the name of the city, a ZIP code or latitude and longitude coordinates.  Star-gazers can further customize their view by panning and zooming to reveal planets and constellations, the horizon or ecliptic line and celestial sights labeled for comparative review.  Images of the sky are updated every few minutes by the Starry Night Server, providing a constantly changing view of outer space.

     * BlackBerry users can launch their built-in web browser and download Starry Night Mobile Sky Chart.  (  The icon will appear among other applications and different key strokes can be used to change views and time of day.  Additional information can be found at:    * iPhone and iPod touch users can access the Starry Night Mobile Sky Chart via the Safari browser at or Apple’s Web Application page  Aspect ratios adjust automatically to alternate between portrait and landscape views.  Additional information can be found at: 

The original Starry Night Widget for the desktop is available on a variety of platforms, including Mac OS X, Google and Yahoo!. The Starry Night Widget has had more than 200,000 downloads since its V1.0 release in February 2007, averages approximately 30,000 users per day and is consistently one of the top ten downloaded applications on Apple's Dashboard Widgets.  In addition, lunar aficionados will find the Starry Night Moon Exploration Widget currently available on Mac OS X.  

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