Top Five needed acceessories for your new Berry

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If you've recently picked up a new BlackBerry device here is a list of the top five accessories we recommended you look at. 

Leather Holster1. Leather Pouch – If for some reason your device didn't include the OEM leather pouch by RIM. We suggest you take a look at these. For $29.99 USD it's a stylish and convinent way to carry your device. It features a magnetic flip that goes over the top of the case to hold your BlackBerry in as well the magnetic to put your device into suspend mode. Order from (Available in several colors).

1GB microSD2. Memory Card – If your have one of the BlackBerry 8800 series, Pearl or Curve you can take part in a memory card. We recommend at least a 1GB memory microSD memory card. Newer devices such as the BlackBerry 8830 support up to 4GB. (Expansys currently has a 2GB microSD for $24.95 USD or 1GB for $13.95 USD.)

Headset3. Bluetooth Headset – Many BlackBerry owners don't like talking on their device. Some people even go as far as comparing their BlackBerry to talking on a calaculator. Bluetooth is one of those technologies that I never recommend going cheap. While most headsets these days start at as low as $30-40 dollars a good Bluetooth headset can run you up wards of $100-200 dollars. We recommend looking at the new nXZEN 6000 Bluetooth headset, it features dual microphones with advanced noise canceling. 

Skin4. Screen Protectors – Another must to protect your BlackBerry is either a screen protector or full body shield. ShieldZone offers a great selection for all BlackBerry devices and great low prices.  To check out the different shields available for your device simply click on of the banners on the right hand side from ShieldZone. 

Headphones5. Headphones Adapter – Alright so personally I hate the OEM BlackBerry headphones. I'd rather a nice pair of Shure or BOSE headphones with my device. You can find aftermarket 2.5mm to 3.5mm stereo headphone converters from online stores for usually around $10 USD.  

And there you have our top five needed accessories for your new BlackBerry device.  

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