Take a video tour of Apple’s iPhone

June 24, 2007 | By | 2 Comments
Apple iPhone Guide

Just in case the BlackBerry Curve isn't quite doing it for you why don't you check out Apple's new guided tour of the iPhone. It shows everything from making a call, to listening to music, to writing a text message, to turning off the device. It shows all the tricks of the iPhone. Check it out. A friendly reminder the iPhone launches June 29th at 6PM at your local AT&T store in the United States.

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    My ipod touch 1G is our most important iPod, Pda and a bit more, and also has has been from the time I purchased it. It continues to work on the latest iPod system software program, and also any app I will want it to run. I’m using it to post this remark at the moment. I’d point out it truly is a lot more in comparison with just an “excellent hobbyist system” — it is an extremely good iPod

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