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Bell launches BlackBerry 8830 World Edition

June 13, 2007 | By | 4 Comments

Bell Mobility has launched the BlackBerry 8830 World Edition ahead of time here in Canada. The 8830 was originally set to launch sometime this July however a small surprise came out on their website today. You can pick up the BlackBerry 8830 for a lovely $299.99 with three year contract (take that Telus! with your […]

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More CDMA Pearl 2 rumors…

June 12, 2007 | By | 6 Comments

Some more details have arrived about the rumored BlackBerry Pearl 2. The CDMA model which will show up sometime Q4 2007 will feature: 2.0 megapixel camera Extremely thing design EV-DO Rev. A capable Verizon first at launch followed by Sprint That's all we have for now but stay tuned for more…

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RIM’s getting ready for the new Pearl series

June 9, 2007 | By | 4 Comments

Going along with Boy Genius' predictions about the new Pearl series. We have received a tip from a reliable source about three new BlackBerry Pearl's coming soon.  BlackBerry 8110: This will be the new upgrade to the Pearl (might be known as Pearl 2). It will be a Quadband GSM device with an upgraded camera […]

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Pharrell’s Golden BlackBerry 8800

June 9, 2007 | By | Add a Comment

Boy Genius snapped some shots of rapper, Pharrell's new solid gold BlackBerry 8800. I bet every rapper wants this blingin' finger print magnet now. Can anyone guess the price tag on this?

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Sprint BlackBerry 8830 World Edition details

June 9, 2007 | By | Add a Comment

More details have arrived about Sprint's BlackBerry 8830 World Edition launch. According to Boy Genius we will see it launch on July 1st for business and direct shipping clients as well web sales. The BlackBerry 8830 will be available to all other channels starting July 15th. The price will be a smooth $199 with two […]

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Rogers BlackBerry Curve now available…

June 8, 2007 | By | Add a Comment

It looks like Rogers has officially launched the BlackBerry 8300R aka Curve. As you most likely know the BlackBerry Curve is kinda part of the Pearl series featuring a 2 megapixel camera, microSD memory card slot, high-res display and a QWERTY keyboard. The Rogers BlackBerry Curve will set you back a lovely $349.99 (with voice […]

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CLOSED: Win a free JiveTalk subscription!

June 8, 2007 | By | 4 Comments

THE CONTEST IS NOW OVER. THANKS FOR YOUR ENTRIES.  BeeJive, creator of JiveTalk mobile messaging and have partnered up to offer 3 free JiveTalk subscriptions each valued at $19.95 USD. If you don't know about JiveTalk it's a great instant messaging application for your BlackBerry supporting all major IM clients such as MSN, AIM, […]

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Telus Mobility’s new HTC S720 live gallery!

June 6, 2007 | By | 18 Comments

While we usually only cover BlackBerry devices another new HTC device caught our CDMA eyes. The HTC S720 is available now exclusively form Telus Mobility here in Canada. The HTC S720 has the appearance of a normal phone only slides sideways to display a full QWERTY keyboard. It also features a 2 megapixel camera, microSD […]

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A little surprise arrived…

June 6, 2007 | By | Add a Comment

We had a small little surprise arrive today at our office. No it’s no a BlackBerry but a Windows powered device. Stay tuned tonight for a live gallery.

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AT&T + iPhone confirmed for June 29th

June 4, 2007 | By | 3 Comments

It’s confirmed. The Apple iPhone will be launched on AT&T June 29th. You can check out Apple’s new iPhone ads. So that’s iPhone on AT&T June 29, 2007. It will require a new two year activation and will cost you $499 for the 4GB model or $599 for a 8GB model.

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North America gets upgraded to BlackBerry Internet Service 2.3

June 3, 2007 | By | 2 Comments

It seems that all accounts we’re upgraded to BlackBerry Internet Service 2.3 yesterday. We have confirmed via Telus Mobility that RIM upgraded to BIS 2.3 and now supports new features. New features included: Added support for Gmail and Yahoo! mail accounts – Two-way, synchronization of deletes to and from the Yahoo! Mail® inbox, as well […]

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BlackBerry 8800 Live Gallery now up!

June 3, 2007 | By | Add a Comment

Our BlackBerry 8800 has arrived and we have began the reviewing process. Overall it seems like a great business device so far. Stay tuned for our review coming up next week. In the mean time check out our live gallery shots.

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